What is your opinion of THIS graphic?


Zelinsky doesn’t have bone spurs.


obama gave Zelinsky blankets
President Trump gave him Javelin.
Do you know what javelin arms are uhlaw97?

Keep going uhlaw97.

And under what administration were they delivered?

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That was a few weeks before Trump’s shakedown call with Zelensky, when he said to him, “I would like you to do us a favor, though.” The supposed approval took place on October 1; the bribery phone call occurred on October 19. Anyway I’m far more interested in today’s game than some pointless back and forth about the Orange Bozo.





When were these Javelins delivered?
This article dates back to?
April 30, 2018 11:41 GMT
UPDATED April 30, 2018 20:50 GMT

Who is debunking whom?
Any questions?

My question was simple…what administration delivered Javelins to Ukraine in October 2021? Just answer that question…go ahead your keyboard wont catch on fire when you type it out.

obama sent blankets to Ukriane
Trump delivered Javelins in 2018 to Ukraine
Trump approved the sale of another round of Javelins to Ukraine.
biden got behind the big desk and did deliver the Javelin. So what? President Trump was responsible for this deal just like he was in 2018. If President Trump had been in the People’s house you can be 100% sure these Javelins would have been delivered.

Do you want to read again what obama and biden did with Ukraine?
Here it is:

Now you can see for yourself that it took President Trump to arm Ukraine.

He will not answer. He will deflect to another point.

And post NY Post opinion article from 2.5 years ago…and we are off on the rabbit hole chase.


You can’t accept facts if they do not fit your narrative. There are facts black and white facts.

Off topic but my sibling has just been promoted to Major.

With that said she’s been to Iraq 2 times for 1 year each. I’d prefer this get over quickly and not escalate.


As pertains to this graphic… in ways, it may be more appropriate to compare trump to putin than to zelinsky. Trump tried to overturn democracy here in America. tried to overturn a US presidential election… An election with a large margin of victory.

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Congratulations to her!

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Congrats to her and thank her for her service.

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You can be sure that we/I are thinking about her and her brothers/sisters in arms. God speed.

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