What is your pick for the UCF game?

I say 34 to 25 Coogs.

I give up on these. I have been woefully wrong the past 3 weeks. I just don’t want to get embarrassed again.


It’s impossible to predict now with not knowing what kind of football team we have. Your 34 to 25 is absolutely silly. What in the world do you base that on with what has been happening the last 3 weeks. UH most definitely can lose to UCF now. But, how do we know that this week’s practices are different that the last 3?

I don’t have a pick. I will be there watching. Zero expectations. Hoping for the best.

If they play with the same effort as Saturday, they’re going to go 6-6 and lose their bowl game.

I think 34 - 25 is reasonable. Herman is undefeated at TDECU and Tulsa gave us problems because of their QB and WR talent. I expect a challenge from UCF but not quite at the Tulsa level. Here’s to hoping last week was the exception…

ESPN doesn’t have the line attached to this game yet. Probably because they are as clueless as we are in picking UH games right now.

Smoked boudin & eggs, bloody marys is my pick for the game.

I think I saw Coogs were favored by 12.5.

I’m going go with 40-12. UCF is beaten up as well and the Coogs are gonna want blood.


I like your confidence, sir.

With an offensive line of Josh Jones, Long, Fontana, Denley and Braylon Jones I have no clue how our offense is going to perform. This may have to be a very low scoring game where the D saves the day.