What Next

There are plenty of examples of coaches taking over teams and righting the ship and becoming winners relatively quickly. It hasn’t happened here. We are always told of the huge amount of D1 talent in the Houston metro and how a Houston 2-3 star is better than other 3-4’s.
We can say that he recruits with what he has, meaning an AAC school recruiting against Power teams.

No more excuses and I am a CDH apologist, always looking for a silver lining. That just stopped.


Herman begs to differ. Actually he doesn’t care enough now a days to begin.

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Yah. Ive been a CDH fan. I think, at this point, I’m a fan of CDH as an OC.

I’m fairly amazed at this point that no significant moves have been made to the staff by him, let alone the AD.

Change is needed.

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The team is soft.

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The team isn’t hard coached. There’s no excellence anywhere.


There is no culture in this team. Look at the basketball program, it thrives bc there is a culture. Heck even Herman set standards and created a culture.
Dana is not head coach material. He is best suited to be OC. That’s his ceiling.
We will probably lose 1 or 2 more games and go to a lame bowl game and end season with 7 or 8 wins and holgerson is gonna brag about the 7 or 8 wins bc he ended with a winning season.


Fire Dana, hire Lashlee away from SMU just so they’ll know what it feels like to lose 2 coaches to the B12.


Baylor or TCU offensive coordinators?

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There is a culture here. It’s one that doesn’t take responsibility for results.


The buttons would pop off the SMU students’ button downs if they lost coaches 2 years in a row to B12 teams, especially UH.

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Stay medicated my friend


Assuming we fire Dana (and I don’t see that happening before next year), Baylor’s offensive coordinator, Jeff Grimes, would be a guy to watch. Some other possibilities: Jamey Chadwell, HC Coastal Carolina; Kendal Briles, OC Arkansas; Jeff Lebby, OC Oklahoma; Todd Monken, OC Georgia.

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Agree. Hard to see it happening in the next 2 years. So, which coaches get replaced?

The graduate assistant for helmet design will bite the dust. He doesn’t drink.

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You mean the same OC Briles who helped Arkansas lose to “Liberty” Saturday? No thanks

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2 more years of this crap

Tbf, Dana did make a “significant” staffing move when he let former UH WR Star, Tyron Carrier, go after the 2020 season because Holgorsen felt the WR room wasn’t being coached well or hard enough.

That came as a surprise to many bc of the UH connection.

Similarly, I’m curious if Holggi will do something about Belk when the season ends.

What’s next? Go to the next game and voice your frustration.

Nit saying hire Briles, but Liberty is a Top 20 team

One game isn’t a career. Arkansas was 2-10 and ranked #111 in total offense the year before Briles became offensive coordinator. Last year they won 9 games and were #13 in total offense. Briles would not be my choice, but I think there’s a decent chance he would be considered for the position.