What place should Houston add a portal to?

This seems kinda cool to me…so, where would you place it in Houston and where to connect it to?

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Awesome Idea!

I’d put one in Hermann Park since it is a very busy park and I’d link it to Glasgow, Scotland.

Sam Houston’s family owned a large Castle outside of Glasgow and was a prominent family there before getting displaced by the Kingdom’s Civil War

Link the American City, named after a famous Scot-American, back to Scotland.

If not Glasgow, then put one in Edinburgh

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Oh yea…didn’t think where to install. Modifying my post!

Jackson Square might be a good location.

Maybe to Beijing…Just to tickoff someone LOL.

Houston and Whitmire are so lame we’d get a portal and it would be just the worst possible city. We wouldn’t get Beijing or Shanghai from China we’d get Hengshui or Lanzhou.

Or instead of Dubai we’d get like Kuwait City

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My house to the bar.


South Main portal to Bangkok.

It’s my city and I couldn’t care less

Why not a portal to outer space?

I’d also like to say just as a sci fi person calling these portals is a bit misleading. I mean it’s a better name than “minimal lag 24/7 live stream” but a portal conveys the ability to transport beyond images like of you could throw something through the opening to the other side that’s a portal.

How sweet would a portal to Galveston be?

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Well that didn’t take long… Who would’ve thought that two cities known for their laid back and sober ways would have this issue?



This is why we can’t have nice things.


Someone should install those like one in College Station and one on Austin in the middle of the night and not tell anyone. See what happens.

During the day lots rivalry nonsense. Middle of the night closeted Corps guys and not so closeted longhorns portalling their youthful desires to each other. You know live d*ck pics.

Turn it back on!!!

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