What Really Struck Me Last Night

We could have had: Hinton, White, Mills, and Grimes playing.

And we lead by 30 at the half with none of them. And with Sasser scoring only 3.


What hath Sampson wrought?!


And that would have negated 9-- 3 pt’ers by the Beard ! Look to the future.


A very, very deep well to draw on in March

A good place to dump Baylor and Gonzaga in perhaps


… was how ill prepared the ESPN commentators were! I know they weren’t in the building but they were not even doing the minimum prep that I have come to expect from many ESPN commentators.


In ESPN’s defense, the broadcast location was changed the day before the game.

That’s definitely no excuse…especially for an all-powerful media empire. Knowing how ESPN has been treating their people lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Schriffen and Weisbrod weren’t told about this assignment until a few hours before tipoff.


Was how bad Tulane was

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Tulane was coming off of 12 days of Covid stuff. Remember how un-sharp UH looked after our 15-day layoff in December? We luckily didn’t have to play our first game back against the #6 team in the country. Tulane had the misfortune of having to play UH first. To their credit, they played us toe-to-toe in the second half. Their coach should be proud of that.


You really get the sense that Sampson reloads. This is a very impressive program.


No one is putting Tulane down and us being #6 is why we felt very confident.
I even told friends who like to wager on games that if I were going to put everything on one game to cover this would be the game. Even after the Grimes news I felt very good about it.
The commentators can be held accountable too. Not only did they misrepresent what they had already stated, but incorrectly reported Tulane was missing players all game

What struck me last night was how effective our bench players were when we needed them the most. Who would have thought that Chandler Tyson would put up over 30 points and tying a UH record for 3 point shots made in one game?

We hoped Mark would seize his opportunity and he didn’t disappoint. We expected Sasser to have a big game and he didn’t, but who among us is concerned when Tyson stepped up like Eric Gordon subbing in for James Harden.

Now that we know what Tyson can do, I’ll be excited in future games to see more from him. It’s one thing to believe our bench players are talented and quite another thing to see it on display. Gorham, Jarreau and Sasser combined for 16 points, but thankfully Tyson and Mark scored 47 points. Chaney and Shead another 16 points combined. Sweet!!

Most scouting reports would have us believe UH is a team with great defensive play and two scorers, Sasser and Grimes. After last night, I believe the narrative has changed. UH is both a good defensive team with scoring punch from several players.

Sampson is living the good life with so many scoring options available to him, not to mention that team chemistry is noticeable and improving with each and every game.


We will lose Q, Deeky, Gresham and Gorham.

Mark spells Deeky

Roberts, Fabian spell Gresham and Gorham.

Ok Q, NBA 1st rounder but we aren’t playing in the NBA. After last night…

We have a program that is going to be good for a long time. Every year is different but we will be good.


Walker will be contributing off the bench as a fr,
I sill would like the right JC or other transfer to fill in a potential hole. Then there is the possibility of Sasser testing the NBA waters.

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Our 2021 recruiting class contains no guards.

We will lose Q. and Deeky.

A possible 2022 problem?

I think we’ll def go after a transfer depending on how many people test NBA waters.

Have Gresham and or Gorham made definitive statements that they aren’t coming back?

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Sampson pulls quality guards seemingly out of thin air so I’m not too worried about that. That said from what I’ve seen it looks like Walker has guard skills so I’m kind of inclined to look at him more as a guard than a big. I guess he’s technically listed as 3 or wing but the games become so position-less that I’m not sure any of that really matters Lol

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Walker is a guard just like Mark is and Hinton was. They don’t need to have the same skill set.
Armbrester maybe one of those who can play the perimeter and drop to the 4.

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I still think J. Shead is going to be good!


I wondered the same thing about Deeky and Q. Of the two Q would get drafted but how high? Deeky’s game is much improved over last season, especially with ball handling and passing. I cant blame anyone for wanting to make money but wouldn’t it be great if they came back?

All 4 could choose to return.

Grimes gets to choose between being a second round draft pick this year or returning to get his draft stock higher.