What’s up with our tennis team?

We were good when our facility was trash. Now it’s pretty nice and the team is awful. Shouldn’t we be able to have a competitive team?

Our best women sports coaches have all left for one reason or another. Soccer. tennis, SOFTBALL, and golf and swimming (to a lesser degree). Don’t get me started on basketball.

If the administration doesn’t seem to care, it is becoming much harder for me to care as well. Sucks for the student athletes, support is abysmal and I am as guilty as anyone.


Thank goodness for volleyball. They are trending upward. The turnaround for that program has been nothing but miraculous as the team has become a regular in the NCAA tourney and advancing. I wish we could just avoid Stanford until the final four, lol. The team is also generating great home attendance. Do everything we can to keep Coach Rehr.

Volleyball proves if you hire the right coach you can be competitive in the Big 12.


Whipped 6-0 by tech at home in our inaugural big 12 matchup. Lost 13 of 14 sets played. Most of them 6-1 and even a 6-0 L in doubles, which is almost impossible to do.

1-6 on the season. Prairie View looks like the only W left on the schedule.

We are awful.

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1-13 on the season. 0-8 in Big XII. Have been shut out in 6 of 8 conference games with a combined total score of 2-41 (not a typo).

Wow. Not very encouraging first season in the Big 12.