What the hire of CCS @USF means for conference?

Interesting hire considering some said Strong would lose his $10 million if he came to Houston. Apparently UT is still on the hook for the difference. Why didn’t we interview him?

It should give our conference more credibility to lean on

I never heard that he’d lose his $ if he came to Houston. I think Texas was on the hook regardless. It would be great if he agrees to coach for just $1 for two years to make UT have to pay his salary. Then get a bigger budget for assistants or whatever.

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TF said something along the lines of…

if he can’t win with all the talent at Texas, there is not a reason to think he would win here

I guess he thinks his 2012 and 2013 seasons at Louisville were a fluke. SMH

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No doubt. Strong had to totally clean house at Texas. Sometimes a decision here or there can make all the difference in the world. Strong was outstanding in his last two years at Louisville and I think Texas would have been really good this next year with him at the helm. Texas is different than Louisville and I think Bedford did a poor job. The big 12 is all offense and with the hiring of Gilbert and Mattox he was headed there. I think Strong will be very successful again. I agree with TF on most things, but not necessarily that comment. I do however agree that at this time he wouldn’t have been the right choice.

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Man, people complain about the optics of passing up Miles and Kiffin for Major, but how would it look to trade coaching staffs with UT? Talk about a lopsided trade. Maybe history would change things, but I can’t think of a move that would have been more of an admission of an inferior position in the pecking order.


Probably should wait to see how much of Mack Brown’s 2010-2013 staff Applewhite hires then.

Charlie had issues recruiting Texas and just wasn’t making connections with high school coaches that UT coaches had become expected to do. He’d end up with good classes basically because of the Texas name.

Charlie’s strength is Florida; different place to recruit and he knows how to do it. He’ll do good at USF.

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I think so too Charlie has recruiting contacts in Florida he is a much better fit at USF than he would have been at UH.