What the Red Raiders are saying before they get wrecked


And for all those traveling to the game, y’all be careful! They ain’t throwin’ tortillas anymore! :flushed:


if they throw one at me…they wont see graduation


That kind of response will have you writing a check for bail or spending the night in the iron bar hotel in Lubbock.


I’m glad condoms have finally made it to Lubbock. Now, if someone would just teach those yahoos what they’re really for…


They threw a condom :joy: in a town where the STD rates are so high and constantly getting outbreaks they shoul’ve used it.

ill bail you out bro, UH has been good to me


It’s Lubbock, would you expect anything less ?

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I will be in row 23 section 116. I am going by myself, if you see me fighting help me out.


Alfred, come on bro you know better than to act a fool in Lubbock. Let the local police get ahold of you and we might not here from you for awhile.

Are you driving there?

Flying to Amarillo and staying with my cousin. Are you driving?

Damn, i wish i was going to the game! Let’s get it on! :muscle:

The usual stuff from Red Raider fans


"Cougar High sure isn’t going to bring any fans. TECH fans may be a bit more interested than they were for Lamar.

I guarantee it will be 20,000+ more than y’all had for a P5 opponent, in the ghetto."

Raiders Rash is well and alive!!!

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From the interview on this post . . . . .

Zach Tanner: This is a beatable Houston squad which should show Tech fans how good this team really is

Tanner: I’ve maintained King is overrated as a passer and will struggle to spring long runs with Dakota Allen spying him.


Tanner has a big mouth

giving us bulletin board material


My experience with Tech fans is that they were throwing items that best symbolizes them as a fan base.


Hopefully, like the Arizona game, we do all our talking on the field. If we can adjust to the wind and come out fast like we did against Arizona I think we should be fine.

I think it is very helpful that we have a head coach that has actually played in that stadium as a quarterback, and we have an offensive coordinator that has coached multiple games in that stadium. So that should be quite beneficial.

If we do come out victorious, they will just make excuses like Arizona. We will be no better than 10th if we were in the big 12-2.


will do!

the forecast from the National Weather Service in Lubbock Saturday is sunny with a high of 86 with winds 5 to 10 mph.