What things will you get sick of hearing about this college football season?

What things will you get sick of hearing about this college football season?

4. Tom Herman’s taking the job at [insert team that lost last week].

Houston’s head coach is one of the best-credentialed prospects for a major program since Urban Meyer went unbeaten at Utah in 2004. He won a national title at Ohio State as an offensive coordinator, then took Houston to a 13-1 record and a major bowl win in his first year as a head coach. He’s both an accomplished schemer and an excellent recruiter.

And lo and behold, he coaches in a state where the two biggest programs, Texas and Texas A&M, have head coaches on the hot seat. And the major program in its eastern neighbor state, Louisiana, almost fired Les Miles a season ago.

This is a recipe for a media firestorm that will annoy everyone involved. Charlie Strong, Kevin Sumlin and Miles will be confronted with questions about their job security after every loss. Herman will be confronted with every form of gotcha question in an effort to induce him to make a Tommy Tuberville “pine box” gaffe.

And hot seat speculation, which is a fun endeavor during the season, will get tiresome in this particular instance.

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I’m already tired of it and it hasn’t even started yet. Hopefully the players really can trust him during this season because it will be a question every single week as higher profile teams lose games.

Maybe the more the talking heads try to tell everyone that Herman is leaving the more he will want to prove them wrong and stay?


He keeps saying he likes to win and winning every year at UH is easier than at some middle of the pack P5 team. I just hope that if/when we get snatched up by a P5, he doesn’t see us as a middle of the pack P5 team. The allure of consistent success he could have here with the P5 label attached and all that entails would hopefully be too much for him to abandon.

I had the same conversation with a friend regarding this “go to” statement for Herman. Maybe a few million $ more will entice him to stay if / when UH gets into a P5.

Having Herman shooting down rumors is better than having your head coach allowing his name to be floated every offseason for every NFL / P5 opening and parlaying that into a renegotiation / raise / extension of his contract.

After going through Briles and Sumlin, I am numb to the coaching carousel conversations.

This man isn’t all about money. He said that he makes more than enough for him and his family to live a very comfortable life here in Houston. When he received a raise he even gave some of it to his staff to give them raises… Good 'ole boy or Swagtastic would have never done that. He likes it here, his wife likes it here and his kids love it here. That man wants a statue next to Coach Yeoman in 20 years out front of the stadium.

Little 10 expansion talk.

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