What would a G5 Super-conference look like?

Air Force, Appalachian St, Arkansas St, Boise St, BYU, Central Florida, Central Michigan, FIU, Houston, Marshall, Navy, San Diego St, South Florida, Troy, Tulsa, Western Kentucky.



I look at it as whom would add to the American -

Arkansas State? App State? Troy? Georgia Southern is a better program than all of those and has a higher ceiling.

Central Michigan? Northern Illinois is more Aresco’s type.

Western Kentucky? Middle Tennessee fits the American better, and even then not great. FIU is a better fit but they’d be doormats in the American.

I’d personally just add Boise, San Diego State, Colorado State, and Air Force to the American and keep BYU as a fire extinguisher if UConn finds its way to the Big East.

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First off I am for letting Boise St. rot. I do not care to be in a conference with them at all.

Second, I did not read the article but any listing of G5s that leave out Memphis and Cincinnati are invalid to me.

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Tell us how you really feel.

Is your hatred of Boise State based solely on them bailing on the Big East football only invite after the conference was falling apart? I can assure you if we had a football only invite, we would have bailed as well.

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