What your music taste actually says about your personality

I think it’s really funny at the back end of the article about the Super heavy metal fans, you’re not dangerous you’re a dork (I say that because the comparison they drew was with other LARP’ers).

Also liking My Sharona is not a sign you’re not a psychopath, that’s exactly the thing psychopaths would want you thinking.

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I wouldn’t waste one second on any of these “personality profiles.” They’re equivalent to the kind I used to see in wimmen’s magazines.

Reggae = dope smoker?

I don’t think music taste has an affect on one’s personality past a certain age.

Music and music culture is typically a part of a teen’s identity, but as you get older, music has less of an impact on you

I would say your personality defines your musical tatse, not the other way around. And it doesn’t matter the age.

I don’t totally agree with you. I do not think music or culture has less of an impact on you as you get older. However, a teen’s identity can be very music based but it is still maleable, I would say teens certainly have it as a larger part of their identity than someone who is older, but that is just because of the life experiences gained over time. But I know plenty of adults, who may not be musicians, where the music and culture is a core part of their identity or a very important part of their happiness (for lack of a better word).

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I think yours is disco

Why disco?

His inner Village People is leaking out again.

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Some people still clinging to YMCA and dancing like a dork to it. There’s your psychopath.

You just have a disco personality.

What do you think a disco personality is? I think of Tony Manero when I think of disco.

I like metal. I like disco. I like new wave. I like classical. I like country (especially bluegrass and Texas swing). I like classic rock. And bossa nova, etc.

The great thing about having an open mind and giving yourself permission to enjoy life is that you don’t have to worry about what others think about your musical preferences.

I know I sure don’t.


Me either.

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So you have multi personalities according to the article

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I wonder if he likes different music as Shasta. lol

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