What's happening at Florida State?

I know this is a coog fan site, but just wondering what you think about FSU’s collapse. 35-3 drubbing by Boston College is ridiculous. Something must be going on inside the program. Any clues?

No QB. Lost the starter in the Alabama game.

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There’s some staff issues there as well. Fisher has shown too much loyalty to a few guys.

Seriously? Starting QB goes down and they have no one who can perform? Well, now. UH is in better shape than FSU with all the 4 and 5 stars!

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Jimbo is a garbage coach and incapable of ever winning, obviously. He needs to fire the offensive coordinator and bring in John Jenkins. FSU should have hired Todd Orlando.


UH should have also hired TO.

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I saw Fisher’s buyout this year is something ridiculous, like 35 million. FSU is stuck with him for a while.

He won them a title during Winston’s last year in 2013. That should be enough to earn some good will just four years ago