What's irritating about Big12 ahem 10 schools

The greater Houston population is bigger than the entire state of Oklahoma or Kansas or Iowa. Yet these country bumpkins have the idea that adding ‘another’ Texas school makes it Texas Centric?? Pardon me, but last time I
looked our population base as stated above is MUCH bigger than theirs.

Another thing that bugs me is that they have MORE alumni in Houston than anywhere outside their small,
irrelevant, narrow minded POS towns.

Sorry, just venting. I went out to their boards and to hear them bad mouth Houston when they have NOTHING,
and I do mean NOTHING in their little tiny podunk towns that can compare to HOUSTON is disgusting.

It doesn’t take a PHD to see that Lubbock, Waco, Ames, Norman, Stillwater, Lawrence and Manhatten are pits.
I’ve been to each one. They offer nothing other than the fine universities that are situated in them. I mean if your
taste in food is authentic burger king, mcDonald etcfast food, your arts are whatever the schools can drag in and the museums are
non existent and after a football game you can watch the sewers backup - why help yourself. I’m sure they have some fine looking ladies in each of their campuses but let me repeat, they have nothing, NOTthing, NOTHING that HOUSTON has.
OK, I’m done.




Only two real cities in the Big 12 is Austin and Ft. WORTH…all other cities are trash. Ive been to most of them…and the ones I have passed through…i would never live in…

I would stay off Big 12 boards; usually aren’t kind to UH boosters. Then again, most of them aren’t kind to each other either.

Think of it this way, if your town didn’t have a real airport (not just a landing strip) and the mass transportation was through the bus station, wouldn’t you be bitter too. I just feel sorry for them. They have to wake up there every day and pray today isn’t the day a tornado blows everything away.


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