What's the difference of getting the #1 seed overall?

What’s the benefit? Last year Arizona was the overall #1 seed and UH knocked them out. Does the overall #1 seed get to choose their bracket they want to be in?


You can be in the south region which Is closer and easier to travel

Arizona was the 2nd overall 1 seed

Gonzaga, was #1 overall. And was put out West.

Arizonas 2nd closest regional, distance wise, was San Antonio

Maybe i can find a Rocco Miller article on what benefits top seeds get

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Winning out would be great.

Cause Purdue and UCLA are both fighting for a 1 seed. If UCLA wins the Pac 12 tourney, there will be strong lobbying for them as 1 seed

Same with Purdue if they win the Big 10 tournament

They’ll point to Quad 1 wins and Strength of Schedule.

A win tomorrow solidifies us as a 1. And Purdue and UCLA can fight each other for the 4th spot

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Unless the committee said we would have been a 3 seed without the autobid in 2021 then we likely keep a 1 seed as long as we don’t take another Q3 loss

The selection committee will still assign host cities to the remainder of the field, including the three other No. 1 seeds, giving the top overall seed a significant advantage over every other program in the country. The top seed will determine its host site but will have no say in which opponents it faces.

Since there is no regional site in Texas or New Orleans having the overall 1 seed is pretty irrelevant


Makes a difference if the regional we’re in is Kansas City versus Las Vegas or NYC.

Overall no.1 also gets to choose to play Thursday vs Friday… which would be an extra day of rest playing on Friday/Sunday


This will go down to the who cares column I’m sure. Does the #1 seed overall get the choice of uniforms or be the home team throughout the tournament?

Lets beat a big time team like Memphis at their place first w/that water bug Kendric Davis!!!

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