What's the story with the baseball facility?

Nothing has been done in over a year, are we going to finish it.

Good question. It was supposed to be done already.

Saw a rumour on the AAC board, that a donation feel through, and it is due to that.

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Tilman needs to step up then. I’m sure we can name it after him too.

The rumor I heard was that with hurricane Harvey the need for materials and labor was greater in the city than for new locker rooms and such and that they’d be re starting soon. Hope that’s the case anyway…that facility is a major draw for recruits.

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They have done no work in it since before last season, well before the hurricane.

It is a dang shame that our Coogs have to depend on a select few to handle all the money issues…it would actually be nice if we had a bunch of alumni chip in and help…IMO this is the biggest reason UH is G5…lack of fan support on and off the field…


I agree. The Tilman remark was a poor attempt at humor. I’m wondering why I didn’t receive a letter explaining the situation.

It would be better for UH all around to have 20,000 Alumni giving $100 annually than 100 Alumni giving $20,000. It’s the same amount of money but the broad support is was we need, long term.

P.S. the numbers I used were just made up as an example.

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It is a little disheartening to see the football complex completed so quickly and baseball at a standstill. And yes I realize football brings in the $$$$$. Along with everyone else I assume, I would just like to see it get finished!

The football facility looks great!


I don’t really follow the baseball team but if it is a money issue, I’m sure you can give directly to that project.

Not much progress with the season approaching.

man this sucks… looking forward to the 18 season and had no idea this wasn’t being completed. If i won the lottery it would be finished among other things oh and I’d bring grass and dirt back.

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I would like to retract my statement about my lottery winnings if that’s ok. Few other things I can do with the money now that it’s not needed for the baseball facility. But i’m still bringing dirt & grass back.

Campus wide-After the facilities are finished, the next huge goal was to start endowing all the scholarships then coaching positions. It will be a long process.

You lottery $ will come in handy.

We still have a few more athletic projects left on campus. The football operations building won’t be cheap. I believe there are also plans to over haul the Alumni Center. I would also like to see a indoor tennis practice facility by the grassy knoll. They just need to build a shell over three or four courts. They also should turn the old baseball lockerooms into a bigger concession stand.