When, Oh When?

I wonder if we will EVER get an efficient Athletic Department or Ticket Office. I get so darned tired of dealing with their stupid automatic answering systems; one never seems to be able to talk with ANYONE who can handle a problem or answer a question! And, leaving a message for someone to call back only results in games of telephone tag. We really DO want to sell tickets or get more donations - don’t we? One wonders!

There - end of rant!

to be honest the problem they have is that they are low on staff it looks like. they could really benefit from having more season ticket sale reps. i understand that they are busy but they shouldn’t be THIS busy. Not like we are UT, A&M or other big schools. They should be able to at least respond to people by email if they cant get in touch with a customer over the phone.

They are pretty responsive to emails. It’s the calls that are always tough. Though I think they should answer the phone instead of having all calls go to voice mail like they have been doing for a number of years now.

I left a message and sent an email a couple of years ago trying to add a season ticket to my group. I never heard back.

I wish I could disagree with your observation, but I cannot. It’s simply poor customer service.

I lived in South Florida at one time, and I had UMiami season tickets. Now those people knew what customer service is all about. They employed professionals, and it showed. I hope Pezman can fix this. I wish him luck.

Low on staff but how many senior associate director of athletics does this department have drawing gazillions of taxpayers cash. Five folks … Five, now add the director of athletics, deputy director of athletics ( why) and Vice President of athletics…hundreds of thousands.
Where are you going to find seven dollars an hour to pay a lowly student to man the phones.


Not sure if still there, but I have had success with a quick response with the chat tool.

Agreed. Here is what I know, they split the way they handle tickets now. We used to be able to call CP with one call and get it all done. This year, we had to speak with CP and then be transferred to the Ticket office. I will admit that I did it all online very quickly. The only reason I called them was so they could walk me through it, so I would be 100% sure I received the cards this year. :sweat_smile:

That’s not the case. Two years ago I had to do two transactions, one for tickets with the ticket office and another for parking with cougar pride.

So long as there’s no repeat of last year where cougar pride didn’t contact us for parking and we almost didn’t have anywhere for our group to park according to our donation level, I’ll be happy.

Things could be worse. I bought tickets to a UH/UCONN bball game in Connecticut 3 years ago through UCONN and i get robo phone calls/emails weekly about buying uconn tickets to f’ing lacrosse et cet. I hate that school now.


i personally never called them or email them when I have questions. If that’s the case then they definitely need to call customers back if they leave voicemail. That’s bad business.

What really set me off - this time - happened yesterday. I called to ask a question, and I finally got someone on the phone. When I asked my question, I was told that I needed to talk to someone else; I was told I was being transferred. Then, after about a minute or so, all of a sudden I got a recording again - just like the one I heard when I first called the number! I gave up and never did get an answer to my question.

I swear, sometimes I think they have no idea what the heck they are doing. Customer service is beyond their comprehension!

This is DISGUSTING, and it has been going on for years. I don’t think we have had any efficiency there since Ned Thompson retired - and that must be more than half a century ago!


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Wow, Texas’ minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour!

I work at a bank. If I did that exact same thing instead of trying to answer a customer’s question I would be out of a job now.

Ticketing office has a full staff for once so there shouldn’t be any excuse for poor service anymore.

Hopefully, Pezman will fix this.


They could add as many interns as needed trading UH credits for their time. The standouts could be groomed as future paid employees.


Great point. What about this"
As a Bauer School grad or at every other Business Schools you work on assignments, cases, create a company etc…What about creating a marketing assignments about finding ways to improve “our own” ticket office? It would cost nothing but it would be beneficial for all. When it comes to stadium operations, ticketing or just running a franchise you gotta think outside the box. I am sure Mr. Pezman is not happy about reading or hearing about this.


We don’t even bother to try to sell tickets that way. As somebody else said, you can have unpaid interns answering phones and making calls to sell tickets. I have never had full season tickets, done a 3 pack a couple times and just bought single game tickets to 1-2 a year a few more years. You would think at some point they would have me on a list to call for season tickets or ticket packages. Nope, never gotten a call before.

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