When UH moves to Big 12, will football fans come?

Yep Applewhite and Dana’s consecutive 4 win seasons killed momentum. Last year’s season and Big 12 move is starting momentum again


Would fans rather see Temple, ECU, South Florida, SMU, Tulsa and Tulane annually at TDECU instead of Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and potentially Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Washington and Oregon?


If the Chron was a better paper would people subscribe?


In all my years as a Coog fan (I’m only 27 so beer with me) I’ve only been excited about facing 1 conference opponent. That has always been Memphis.

Would I rather go see UH play Texas Tech, Baylor, BYU or see them play Temple, ECU, Tulane?

That should answer your question right there. Lol


Do they still actually print the Chronicle?

I understand they’re a paper. But couldn’t they spend their time interviewing people about what’s going on vs. writing the same damn article they always write?



It’s a Series of articles covering all important items that are part of the BIG12 move-- Recruiting, Rebranding, Scheduling maze, latest in the Series-- Increase Attendance . Statement from Pezman in article-- " that’s probably our greatest need for improvement"-- speaking on attendance. Several other comments from Pez on excuses over past yrs-- weak opponents , Alums begged for P5. Sometimes you have to acknowledge the Elephant in the room. Pezman is not shying away from it but you’re asking the local newspaper to not bring up. :smirk:


I think we’re asking the local paper to put context into why attendance is so low compared to other P5 schools in TX… It’s not apples-apples to compare P5 to G5 attendance… Feels like just another attempt to take a dig at us.

How do we compare to Rice for attendance is a better comparison to show support for the football program even though we were stuck in the G5.


Not for much longer.

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Kyle, were you able to read the article or have access to it. Its actually done in most postive way possible n majority of the comments in the article come from Chris Pezman. More of an advertisement from him that we need our fans to come to TDECU. Attendance dropped from Season ticket holders in 2018-- 16.7k to 2021–11.6k. Pez goal is to have 25k Season ticket holders within next 2 yrs. He gives UH BASKETBALL as example on where they need to be. Ok, i was just trying to give the jest of what the article covered and why it’s a Very important subject for UH Football as it continues to go to new heights. #GoCoogs


That may have been the jist of the article, but the headline intentionally implies the exact opposite of something positive.


It was behind the paywall for me… Throw me in the group that holds everything said by the Chronicle with a grain of salt…

Your analysis doesn’t sound like they did a hit job, though… It’s true… We do need more butts in seats ASAP!

I can understand your view coogman91. But don’t you thk its a legitimate question. The subject been rehashed on here plenty plenty bc it’s big a concern forever for UH Football. But I guess most would rather not have it brought up in the Newspapers. Pezman thinks otherwise n is trying to tackle it head on. It won’t be easy imo.
Again my part was trying to relay info from the article since most on here don’t take or have access to the Hou Chron.

All good Kyle. Most of the analysis came from Pezman not from JD the Coogs Beat Writer.

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It’s possible to raise a “legitimate” question without cloaking it in something overtly negative. Well, maybe not for the Chronicle, but it is possible. The headline was an unnecessary shot, which is par for the course.

Probably would have been accepted more if it came from the Clear Lake Bay Times. :grin:

Pez is the head ticket seller in the entire university system. I’m invigorated knowing he sees this is a priority. Its his job. And I’m in support of him 100%.
Its Houston. Its not a good college town. But that’s what he signed up for. And the Chronicle knows that.


I think the No.1 issue here is that Houston will only support a winner in any conference and any sport.