When will NCAA Football video game series ever come back? Who knows

But I will be looking forward to playing with Ed Oliver in this year’s Madden game

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Probably never. They were sued by a former CFB player

Ncaa 2013 was last…the heisman addition

When regulations on paying players are thrown out the window. Then it might happen.

EA Sports agreed to pay athletes going forward. That scared the hell out of the NCAA and they weren’t going to let it happen. EA planned on continuing the game using all generic rosters, but then the conferences pulled out of their licensing agreements (or wouldn’t re-sign).

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You now own a collectors item…may be worth alot one day.

Madden '20 will have 10 college teams.


No Alabama??? Texas Tech??? Wow…

Alabama is technically one of the 33 NFL teams and they got Texas Tech as a tie in when the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury. :wink:


3 sec, 3 acc, 3 b12, 1 pac, and no big

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Going the 2K route I see (in NBA2K, you can play career mode and pick one of a handful of schools to begin your career with).

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There are 2 PAC and 2 SEC 3 for B12 and ACC each.

Sorry, I was reading SC as South Carolina instead of Southern Cal.

That was like my favorite game of all time ):

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If you guys still have NCAA 14, just a heads up that there is a group online who edit rosters every year. They are super intense with how they do it, down to uniform details and a strict ratings scale which is pretty solid. They updated the coaches as well.

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I thought 13 was the last one. I need 14. I love the Heisman edition even with our very own, Andre Ware.