When will UT sell out (dot counting contained in this thread)

I am disappointed we haven’t been able to sell out the UT game yet. Since there are no longer season tickets you can buy or mini-plans that include the UT game, the dots on the map for the individual game should be all the seats left available for purchase (although who knows if UH is holding back some for some reason. When do we think the game will sell out? I have started tracking the number of dots left on the map, and also the number of listings on Seat Geek and Stubhub for fun.

On 9/27 at 9:29 AM, there were 486 dots left (490 listings on Seet Geek and 669 on stubhub)
On 9/29 at 7:56 AM, there were 412 dots left (480 listings on Seet Geek and 670 on stubhub)
On 10/2 at 7:32 AM, there were 510 dots left (482 listings on Seet Geek and 616 on stubhub)
On 10/9 at 7:27 AM, there were 361 dots left (530 listings on Seet Geek and 647 on stubhub)

something is weird with the market for this game, because the Seatgeek listings are all for way above face value even though there are tickets left

Probably week of the game when the rest of the Longhorn fans wake up and realize it’s game week in Houston


The tickets that are left are in the upper deck. There is little demand for those seats. The tickets that people are reselling are generally for seats that have higher demand.


Those prices may be decent……closer to game they will go up from where they are now.

Game should be a sell out which is what the owners of the tickets you speak of have them priced that way.

Now if UH loses again interest could drop quite a bit.

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The people that buy the upper deck corners typically stand in the concourse areas


I don’t think people realize they are still available in the primary market. I was able to sell mine in just a few hours on stubhub for 70% of my season ticket cost.

If we win our next 2 games those tix will be :fire::fire::fire:

If we lose they’ll still be worth face value.

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Honestly I think it depends more on the Longhorns’ results than ours. If they beat KU and OU, they’re penciled into the playoff and their fans will pay prices that reflect that.


Kansas is a different team with Daniels healthy at QB….

KU is good; I’d love to see 'em beat the Horns in Austin one last time, because the thought of UT in the playoff is sickening.


Why does that matter to you so much?

Texas will be unbeaten when they come here. They are easily the best team in the conference with OU and TCU a distant second and third

Because I’m a fan of UH football?


But why specifically the UT game? The other ones aren’t sold out. Why does it matter if that one is?

Because this is the one that is the most interesting, has the highest tickets prices, had a special pricing for season ticket holders (the price was specifically called out), had a special mini-plan for it, is the only game that can’t be bought by a mini-plan anymore (so you can accurately dot count in theory), will be our highest ranked opponent, has the most alumni in Houston, and a lot of other reasons.

Clearly, I am interested, are you? If you aren’t, just keep on scrolling.

My bad, you’re right. I don’t care about ut fans filling our stadium. I’ll keep scrolling.