Where are our UH Big 12 Fans?

Unscientific Fan numbers by ranking at B12 Tournament:
Iowa State, Kansas State, Kansas, BYU, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, UH, OSU, Cincinnati, UCF, West Virginia. Iowa State(40) Kansas(30) and Kansas State(20) make up 90 percent of outside crowd. Lots of fans show up to watch the games on Big Screens at the outdoor free FanFest and use their money saved on tickets to drink beer….
It is amazing to me how many people come up to us and welcome us to the Big 12, say they are glad we are here, how great our team is, and hope we rep the Big 12 well in NCAA Tournament. Very friendly and welcoming…

As outright conference champs and being No1 in country, I expected more Coogs…hopefully more show today for Tech game.


Can only speak for myself. As much as I want them to win the Big12 tourney the NCAA tourney is way more important and I’ll spend my time and $$$ going to Memphis/Dallas/AZ.


Yesterday afternoon, a couple in front of us, and beside us makes 8 plus several I did not see or interact with in 108. Did see a few more above us, but didn’t pay attention to those below us. Sunshine and his SO were in our row, across the aisle. Looks like someone did their best to keep us scattered about and not let us bunch up.


Good Lord willing, we’ll be doing both.

Nah, we probably doubled the TCU fans yesterday. There are several clusters of UH fans but the groups are scattered all over the arena. And maybe Baylor fans showed at their game but we’ve seen very few around town.

That said there are only 4 fan bases with enough folks to create energy in an 18,000 seat arena; ISU, KSU, KU and BYU.

The first 3 are all easy drives and have alumni bases in KC and BYU draws regional Mormons.


Being in driving range is a huge deal.


Huge. The students said it took almost 16 hours to bus up with the stops.

KU’s campus is 40 miles from downtown KC
KSU is less than two hours away
Des Moines is under 3 hours away.


We’d have 20K+ fans in town if this was being held in San Antonio.


I should have spent my money and energy on the Big 12 tourney instead of going to Lawrence this year. I got to visit the Phog, but that game was no fun :frowning:
From what I see on social media, the Big 12 tourney looks like a lot of fun. Hope to make it next year.
Give em hell Coogs!


The atmosphere is tremendous. Btw sessions there is plenty to do in the Power & Light District.

Im planning on going next year, 2025 1st round NCAA tournament locations suck, 0% chance I’d go to anywhere we’d potentially get sent.


One good abt coming here to KC is I won’t witness the Coogs last game of year if they lose. :man_shrugging:


If the Coogs fans could bring the # of BYU Cougs fans that were here, that would be more than adequate.

Edit: Provo UT is over 1,000 mi from KC.

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“Where are our UH Big 12 Fans?”

too far for most. dfw would’ve gotten a lot of coogs. darn shame as the coogs look to make it very likely they win the tourney but traveling for roundball still an issue.

We went to Union Station yesterday and came across a UH train tailgate. Pretty cool. Apparently the guy who owns it is a UH fan who has taken it to Fort Worth and San Antonio in the past.


Imo the Tourney is in the right Centrally located spot as possible. Don’t thk Dallas would have made a huge impact w Coogs fans coming. ItIsWhatItIs. No biggie.

We outnumbered UCF, UC fans so there’s that. Still dominating the old AAC. :laughing::rofl:


Final Four and Champ game is in San Antonio next year. So there is that possibility. Also, Sweet 16 returns to Houston (Toyota center) in 2026.

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Mormons. They are like the Notre dame of the west.


I agree that KC is pretty centrally located, but it does provide a very unfair advantage to 3 main fan bases…KU, KSU, ISU. If it was in Dallas, those 3 will travel (jealous about that) on top of BYU always having a following. But, it would allow 5 more fan bases to show up in numbers…OSU, TTU, TCU, BU and of course, UH. And the Dallas airports are hubs for all of the other outlaying B12 members.


Someone (hopefully) correct me if Iam wrong, but since UofH is the host school for the South Regional in 2026, UH is ineligible to play in it.