Where do I put a topic that is solely about politics?

Can we have a politics forum please?

Make the suggestion down in the Site Feedback forum. I asked for an Academics forum in there and the mods created it immediately.

Hey there! As of now, we have made a strategic decision to not have a politics board. Politics by it’s very nature tends to break bad and becomes very nasty. We thought about this, but for a board that primarily supports UH athletics and seeks to bring people together, having a divisive board does not serve our mission.

Seems like there is not a lot of demand for it as you are the first to ask for it, and folks have not been posting politics in other forums.

I hope this makes sense, and I appreciate you wanting to post in the right place. - pc

The best decision in a series of good decisions regarding this new board. Good on y’all.

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Fair enough, and I totally understand. When i feel like getting dirty I’ll head to the Baylor board.


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