Where is Chris Harris?

Didn’t see him at all.

I saw him the pre-game warm up.

Guessing his ankle still wasn’t ready to go or CKS didn’t feel that he was the right guy tonight. Probably more of the former. He did look like he was moving fairly well in warmups and he was going through the post practice.

Something tells me that CKS does not like Harris’s defensive intensity on the floor. I noticed in one of the earlier games coaches was still having to point out the correct defensive position on the court to him. He just might not have great footwork.

He’s extremely raw still. Hoping he can continue to learn this year and be a solid player next season as a senior, but he’s probably not going to get major minutes this season except against certain opponents that overwhelm Gresham/Brady.

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Great to see Mr. White back out there, what a difference he makes. Don’t think we would have won last night without him. Coach even had him playing the 5 some last night. Looking forward to getting De Jon back very soon.


He says on Instagram “one more game” maybe he’s back after Lamar

Ankle sprain.

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