Where Is Coach No D?

Am I correct in assuming that Coach No D is up in the booth during games? Never have seen the dude during a game. Looks like our line coach is down there coaching the defense. Seems kinda strange that your D coordinator would not be down on the field coaching em up. I can’t remember any of our past D coordinators up in the booth. Maybe that should be Coach Applewhites first change on Saturday…get his D coordinators ass down on the field with his team…leave the booth responsibilities to the assistants.

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Very interesting point. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have not seen our defensive coordinator on the field. If I’m not mistaken I remember Orlando saying something about the importance of him being on the field to interact and coach the players.

That’s not necessarily how it works. CMD most likely has an assistant up there with him to give him personnel groups…probably a Grad Asst…how many WR RB TR etc…somebody on sideline signaling in plays that CMD sending down. Not all coordinators are on field. It’s a matter of preference and some feel they can see things better from up above.
There have been so many reasons given for why the defense was so bad…
Some say his defense is too complicated
He’s incompetent
His defense is too simple
Now he should be on field
There is actually data that shows that a large majority of defenses whose teams offense runs HUNH offense have declines in performance. The quicker the offense goes…the worse the defense performance…there are exceptions of course.
Baylor DC Phil Bennett…who as been a natl assistant coach of year…gave up 37 points a game in 2011 and 2012. His first 2 years working for the Briles. It got much better in year 3. Good in year 4 and trailed off again. And he is very aggressive.
Our guys can’t keep playing 90 to 100 plays a game. We don’t have experienced depth for it. IMO

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On or off the field, we have statistically one of the the worst defenses in college football. And this with the premier defensive player in the country playing for us. No way that the other 10 defenders are this bad. It’s the system.


I checked back on when Miami fans were warning us…You’ll Be Sorry! Coach No D was apparently coaching on the field back then. There is a video clip of him of him getting into a shouting match with fans on the sideline when his D was stinking it up. So, he has changed to booth coaching so he won’t get in to fights with fans. Pisses me off…I want to yell at him ever game! Get your ass back down on the field so I can vent!


He is on the field.

Is he hiding somewhere? I’ve looked for him at games last year and this year. The coach I see with the D all the time is Coach Blum…he’s also the one sending out the defensive plays.

He is not wearing a hat, I forget the color top he is wearing, may be red. Not sure if I have seen him talking to the defense when offense is on the field. Will check this week.

I’m not gonna tell you that CMD is great or that I agree with everything he does. However, when you watch the film, there are many physical errors(tackling for one) and mental errors. Numerous pass interference calls.
Regarding Ed…his stats didn’t suffer last year under CMD. He had incredible games vs Navy last year and vs Rice this year…he’s a DT…and they are run teams. He about same sack numbers under CMD last year as CTO.
Ed was blocked one on one the entire first quarter. He was dominant but was held twice…which they called…but it costs him sacks. He also had 2 pressures.
I have seen Ed at DE on goaline this year.
A lot of TT plays were extremely quick passes.
And off play action. They also ran counter. Many of short passes were off counter action.
Our DL and LBs have to respect the run and think it’s a counter. It holds them inside and the QB pulls it quick and wings it out to WR…and the inside out help is late.
They were showing a counter left and then running WR screen to right. They also ran counter…run play.
UH handled it ok. None big plays against it.
But it neutralizes Ed . He has follow his reads and by time he sees what’s happening, Ball is out and on other side field.


unfortunately his scheme is also on the field. In all fairness, i felt it was a good “burn” so i wrote it. i’m not an X’s and O’s guru. lol

That is it! He is running from you…


It seems that KK’s game plan was to stay with the short passes to neutralize Ed O.

It clearly worked. We never seem to adjust that by attempting to take away the short passes. Many times we were so far off the WR, that they got a running start at our attempted tackles.


A month ago we were going undefeated and playing Penn State on New Years Day.

Now we’re just not deep enough on defense to stop a fast-paced spread offense.

Either we drank the Polly or Tech was an aberration. And the reason I don’t think Tech was an aberration is because Rice passed on us like banshees too.

Our secondary is hot garbage, very likely the worst in the country. Then end.

Or maybe our cornerbacks are being positioned eight yards behind the line of scrimmage.

You call me the king of hyperbole?

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The short passing game overall didn’t hurt us expect for 2nd TD with 2 missed tackles. watched CTO defense last night vs Maryland.
You will be shocked to know that CTO rushed 3 and dropped 8 numerous times. CTO played hardly any press coverage. His CBs were 8 yards of ball almost entire game. I will post some shots soon.
Re Ed he ate them up early. The held him twice and he got two pressures and TFL. His Pro Football Focus grade for game was over 90 which is high because that grade very hard…there are games were he has 13 tackles like vs Rice where he scored lower.
If we play press in attempt to cover WR screens…KK will audible to fades vs IJ specifically and we are fakked.
At some point football players have to tackle people and cover people. That’s reality.
Alabama got beat on bomb vs Ole Miss first play of game and then shut them out…guy got beat. They get beat every game on every team…not just ours.

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There seem to be several posters that favor the soft D… USC used it at the beginning of the UT comeback. The WR caught the ball ran five yards straight at the CB, did a spin and ran for the
TD and Texas then went on its way to an easy win. I think it is disastrous coaching.

I don’t reacall calling you the king of anything !!! AND , I will not.:sunglasses: