Where is everyone staying

for the bowl game. Horseshoe for me plus 5.


I’m staying in my recliner


This cold front going to be :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I’ll be at my desk acting like I’m working but watching the game. You hardy souls there stay warm somehow

My couch. Lol

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Couch for me 7-6 vs 6-6 not worth driving to.


I think Yeti will be a last minute sponsor the way too cold to,play football bowl
Feels like temp at game time 12 degrees.
I predict the number of fans in attendance will be in the 10s just like the temp.

Stars might be lining up for my wife and I to actually stop at the game… Won’t be staying there, though… If the stars do align.

Just passed Vulcan Dr. in Birmingham omw to Shreveport… It’s a sign… :grin:


I can’t make the game due to helping with fsmily health issues.

I have a gold parking pass. I’d like to give my 2 tickets away but will call won’t let me I am sure. Since you have to show id for tickets.