Where is Marquez Stevenson?

Is he injured?

Yes, he is in shorts on the sideline. High ankle injury I believe.

He’s injured

injured on his first catch of the game. Tackle at both ankles, came off limping , never saw field again.

That’s not good. We obviously need him.

We weren’t the same team without him. No real deep threat and UCF played us that way. For some reason our defense couldn’t get ahead of their game calling. What I found amazing was all the hurt players for UCF which allowed them again and again to in effect get an extra time out for the coaches to up date them. They did it at least 12 times more than the coogs. And they did it over and over.The player would be on the ground and get up and walk off. I understand injuries but this was just so blantantly obvious what they were doing. Oh and why do we always go for two.


While those tactics certainly didn’t cost the us the game, it has gotten out of hand and has been so for a while. My suggestion is that any injured player that causes a stoppage of the clock stops need to be sidelined until a change of possession. The only downside is that you would need an additional referee to monitor the participation.

Really kills the flow of the game.


I think Del is a burner. Just missed a TD by inches



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