Where is our old Longhorn

being mauled by a Cougar ? I always liked that piece when it stood in the old UC .Our Admin took it away years ago supposedly to refinish it and make it water proof .
We should place it near the main entrance of TDECU.
Go Coogs…BBQ BEVO !

I exchanged emails with our Chancelor, Madam Khator. She checked and graciously responded that the sculpture requires major repair. It is currently in storage. Further,I shared my hope that it would come back for our 100th anniversary.
So now we know ,


I actually wondered about this myself. Expected it to show up in the new UC, but still nothing.


I loved that sculpture…

I think they removed it but never reinstalled it on campus which is a shame


I attended UH when the UC opened. The Cougar/Bevo statue was a sensation!

Definitely should still be on campus, somewhere.


I recall it being titled something like “Good vs Evil”


Well…Evil is winning this week.

Volleyball lost both games…Football is next


Yes it was! I think the Cougar was good and you can guess who was the evil !
Go Coogs …BBQ Bevo !


Didn’t the bovine have a “cove” in its side with an owl inside it?


Yeah, cuz they both suuuuuuuuuck!! (Btw i’m aware of the irony of bemoaning rice even though we lost to them so eat a fat hog). :yum:

Yes in BEVO’s chest.It represents heart burn .Lol !
Go Coogs…BBQ Bevo !

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In the cow’s chest? That’s the brisket!!

Really want to fire up the fanbase should have bbq a whole bovine with the fixins. before game time and fed all in attendance, for free

I think the Alumni Association could do that . Feed the live Cougar the leftover bones!
It will be a long time before we play them again. I am amazed we got them into our stadium as we all know they hate being there,Bleacher Gate not withstanding !

Anyone have a pic of it to share here?


Speaking of, if you guys where at school between 88-92, and saw giant letters in the Architecture building windows, that spelled out B E A T U T, when we played UT, that was me and the free Houston Chronicle newsprint they used to give us. You’re welcome.


Nice job !

That’s it ! I love that old sculpture because it says so much. I can’t believe it has been 13+ years. I truly hope we can see it displayed again. Perhaps as previously stated, part of our 100th anniversary celebration.
Go Coogs!

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