Where to buy a jersey?

Is there a non black official UH jersey?

I hate our black uniforms (both football and basketball) but it’s the only one I can find.



Dicks has a Jordan-branded replica in red

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I HATE our black jerseys also. Our colors are red and white.

Also, why do we wear black in ALL of our high profile games… casual fans only see us wearing black.

Stop with the black jerseys !!!


A once in a blue moon blackout game is fun. Not all the time tho


Because the players love the black jerseys

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This is a high profile game and we are wearing red – like we should!


For the tournament over Christmas, they wore black. That was pretty high profile.

My biggest gripe about the black uni’s is I cannot read the #'s on the jerseys because they are red. We are red and white, use the white letters/numbers so us old folk can see who is doing what . . . . .


The official team shop on campus carries the red jerseys.

Y’know, for a “Jordan” school I’ve been a little disappointed in our uniforms. They look rank (crappy) with the vertical stripes on the side of the shorts. I expected better. Maybe if we keep winning Jordan will up the pimp game for us.

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I think they look sharp

I disagree I like this year’s jerseys. Also if you look at the other Jordan schools we have one of the better designed uniforms.

What is this - offseason uniform talk? :poop:


When was “blue” removed for the UH official color palette? I know at one point it was incorporated in all uniforms, but I may be aging myself. I’ve been doing print advertising for many years, and I have official logo files from 15 years ago that have dark blue within the design.

I’m not normally one to care about uniform talk, but we have been wearing black a bunch this year. Once in a while is okay. But seeing the red is always pleasing to the eyes (my eyes, anyway).


Cripes. I now I see Thursday night is a black out.

Maybe we’re turning into South Cinci.

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Texas Tech

I’ve got a Dicks 5 minutes from my house, I’ll try to swing by today to see if they have any.

I’ve been avoiding giving them any of my money for reasons that we can’t discuss on this forum (politics) but they seem to be the only place close that has the red jerseys…

Update - got me a red jersey today for Dicks.

Love it!

Wandering thru wallyworld two days ago, I saw that they had UH logo “T” shirts for $25.00. Hysterical . . . . . In Mobile, Al I picked up an Alabama wicking material golf shirt for $25. Then, a day later, I picked up an “LSU” wicking material golf shirt for $25. Funny how prices change from one part of the country to another. In case you are wondering when I purchased the shirts I did, I enjoy poking the two bears here outside of the city . . . . .