Where to watch the game

I’m in the minority and won’t be making the trip to UTSA. I can’t find a media showing the game. ANy help?? Is it even being broadcasted?

By the way, first time back in a long time and I like the new digs!

If you are in Houston it will be televised on ch39

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No worries and welcome back.

Don’t forget watch parties!

Also, I’d recommend some of the local breweries that serve UH beer!

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Per the UH site, I am assuming it is up to date.

For those unable to make it to away games - be sure to catch the game at one of the official Houston Football Watch Party locations.

Lucky’s Pub (801 St. Emanuel St., Houston, TX 77003)
Lucky’s Pub (2520 Houston Avenue, Houston, Texas 77009)
Plucker’s (1400 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007)
Plucker’s (10407 Katy Fwy., Houston, TX 77024)
Lucky’s Pub Cypress (27126 Northwest Fwy, Cypress, TX 77433)


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For us out-of-town Coogs I think the only way we can view the game is on Twitter.

Maybe here

I’m having my birthday party that night so my coog fan friends are coming over early to catch the first half of the game too!

Which game? UTSA?

FYI…Lucky’s Pub Cypress is no more as it’s been moved to the west side at Barker Cypress/I-10.

What happens for the second half? Do they all leave?

My non-Coog friends join us and I pull the brisket off the smoker.

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This is a good place to go when you can’t make the game and can’t find it on TV.

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Jimmy with the life hacks.