Where's Chris Carter?

From his Instagram. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t heard his name in awhile, especially with the World Championships going on.

cartercutz I missed the entire 2017 outdoor season, not due to injury but because of a drug suspension. On Februray 22 i took an out -of-competition test and ended up with "ostarine " (illegal substance) in my system. I knew that there was a mistake so I seeked advice which led me to sending my supplements off to a lab to get tested. Results came back showing that my Creatine had Ostarine in it, but the LABEL DIDN’T INCLUDE it on the ingredients list. So long story short, I’ve been spending thousands of dollars to prove my innocence, stressed myself, almost blamed myself for the wrongdoings of others, and lost a very important year of my career. In the end I still have to serve a 9 month sentence for something I didn’t do, mostly because I didn’t have enough money to defend myself properly. Oh and I lost my National Indoor Title along with all of that. If you know me you know I love track too much to cheat. Advice to other professional athletes: dont use supplements because all of the research in the world can’t save you if a supplement company decides to cheat. Apologizes to my sponsors who didn’t get to enjoy the would-be success of the season i was supposed to have @rungum @runinrabbit @powerbar