Where's Matt Musil been?

Was watching a press conference from last season. And realized Matt Musil from KHOU hasn’t been covering the Coogs at all this year. But did cover the team last year.

Maybe he gave up full responsibilities to Daniel Gotera, his colleague. Just surprised with the Coogs being #1 thats hes not covering it. Checked his Twitter, no Coog basketball on their either

Any ideas? Him and Sampson have beef?

Suggest you ask his inside source that said Sampson was leaving for Arkansas. :wink:

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Jeff Goodman?

The majority of TV sports anchors don’t cover us. They’ll come to maybe one game a year. They’ll show some highlights, but that’s just from a cameraman being out there. They’re lazy.

It’s the same with other sports, too. Mark Berman will be at every Houston pro sporting event he can and McIlvoy, Musil, Channel 13 guys barely come until playoffs. So lazy.

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Lazy or are they simply don’t like or don’t give a crap about UH? That’s how terrible the local media are in Houston when it comes to treating their local university!

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I can tell you from the “inside” - there are only 1:30 seconds to cover sports - the top says pro sports are mandatory - everyone else is throw in -

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He probably thinks CKS left for Arkansas

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It was a done deal except Kelvin wanted Kellen HC in waiting Lauren to have the same position she has now. Arkansas said no so the deal was canceled.

@5018Calhoun is that for real?

Kellen HC in waiting is what every school that has tried to poach Kelvin has balked on.