Whether we like Whiting or not

…the kids he brings in are good students.


Would rather have kids making C’s that can ball.


You, Sir, are a true fan. :rofl:


Not trying to take anything away here but do you have any idea how easy it is to make “all-academic “ team?

You don’t or you wouldn’t be bragging about it.:joy:

How easy is it?

Don’t you need a minimum GPA or some such?

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Justin Murray, the Dartmouth transfer, that was getting a masters degree.

I just looked it up.

2024 Spring Academic All-Big 12 Team Recognizes 1,277 - Big 12 Conference.

First team is 3.2 GPA or above.

Second team is 3.0 or above.

I don’t consider that to be very “easy,” especially for students who have to also put in a lot of hours playing D1 varsity sports.

I do.

Especially for certain sports.

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If it were as easy as you suggest then a lot more players would presumably hold that same distinction.

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I’m always proud when Coogs step up on the field or in the classroom. The chance is small for most college athletes to go pro, so a degree remains a big deal.


It’s worth noting that the median college GPA is a 3.28. That said, I’m not here to dunk on the kids’ accomplishments; lord knows I wouldn’t have made that list.


What is the median GPA for a D1 college baseball player, or even a D1 male scholarship athlete, so that we have a valid benchmark for comparison?

Let’s compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

I’m guessing it’s pretty far below 3.2, otherwise, as I said, you’d see a lot more players hitting that benchmark.

From the admissions office, baseball and track athletes were not the smartest eggs in class.

As per usual you turn a simple little topic/post into a huge deal.

You don’t know what you are talking about, just stop.
You didn’t play D-1 anything and you have no idea how hard or easy it is……yes, it is a big commitment of time to play sports in college at that level….

But these guys have tutors assigned to help them, they have professors that understand what they are doing(aside from one or two that are di-cks but that’s everywhere.
Did you look at everyone on every team in the country? Did you check all of their degree plans? Did you see how freaking easy most guys majors are?

No , you didn’t.

And yes, some guys don’t have the highest IQ so it is tough for some athletes……but one thing you said NOTHING about is that SEVERAL more of these guys could have earned above a 3.0 or 3.2 but they CHOSE to not put in the time or commitment to do so!!!

News flash, kids also like to have FUN in college and they don’t all care what their GPA is….as long as they stay eligible they are cool with that….

Your fallacy is that you think everyone is not only capable of achieving that mark, but also they WANT to achieve it….

It is not because it is incredibly hard.

Again, congrats to the guys that made it….it shows me they have a good work ethic.

Sorry Bro.

But I’m not going to assume that anyone’s degree plan is easy, nor that earning a 3.0 or especially a 3.2 or above isn’t impressive, or is “easy,” especially as a D1 varsity athlete.

If it were “easy,” then everyone, or at least, a lot more people, could or would achieve Academic All Big 12 status. The fact that they do not/cannot suggests that the opposite is true.

Indeed, it’s the TOUGH…that makes it GREAT!!!

I agree with bigmccoog. We shouldn’t be belittling the achievements and recognition of our student athletes. Like Whiting or not (and personally, I think he should be fired)…these student athletes should be commended, NOT belittled for this recognition.

Your comprehension suffers when you are desperate to be right.

I made my argument respectfully and without belittling anyone……had you read instead of skimmed you would see that “Bro”.

You have your opinion and that is fine, I can respect that even though I don’t agree….you are out of your depth on this and have no personal experience but I have no problem with your opinion.

But you however, not only have no respect for mine( despite have a mountain of personal experience) but then you try and say I “belittled” them and you agree with @bigmccoog ……

Don’t do that….

We have always been able to disagree and argue about it respectfully but you are being a tool right now….dial it down.

Who says I have no respect for your opinion?

Did I say any such thing? No, I didn’t.

I simply disagree with your opinion, for the reasons stated.

Reasonable minds can differ.

I differ with you in all the respects that I’ve already stated.

And yes, saying that their achievements and recognition were somehow “easy” or that we shouldn’t brag about them (which you appear to have done above) is indeed belittling said achievements, in my view.

Feel free to disagree with that if you wish, but my opinion remains firm on that, and it appears that I’m not alone on that.

Congratulations guys, you made the deans list and got 12th place in the Big 12 just ahead of the mighty BYU Cougars. Not knocking you guys at all but we need to win baseball games.

Honestly, having played D1 sports for 4 years, it all depends on what your major is at said university. Each university has at least two schools that are easy for the student athletes to do well in, while also allowing them to graduate in the appropriate time frame. That is why there are 1,277 students on the list. It is obviously not that hard if so many kids made the list.

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How dare you belittle their achievements. :joy:

In four years I never made it once….could I if I actually studied more than 30-60 minutes before an exam? Absolutely….

I have two degrees….the bachelors I received while playing was a business degree….other than a couple of stats classes I barely studied.
The other was much later in life.

And this is back before charters with WiFi 🛜……we did have tutors to “help” us stay caught up.