Which lost Houston bars/clubs did you USED to party at?

I’ll kick it off.

Sherlock’s Pub in Carillon West; an original tenant in that location from the late 70s which abruptly closed in 2018; the same ownership group still has a location in the Woodlands and Baker Street Pub in Katy’s La Centerra.

Sansone’s Sports Bar near Westheimer and Hwy 6; the Far Westside’s ORIGINAL “sports” bar.

The Old Country Saloon in Richmond; my cousins ran that place for a few years and my grandparents owned the building; fire closed it down.

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Cardi’s was the wiskey a go go for Houston.


You could have seen U2 there before they were big.


Gman in the village ( aka Gingerbread Man in West U), but parking was a headache. Used to have FTOMs, ( First Thursday of the Month) as a department moral building effort …many times tab picked up by a boss. and we hit lots of places. Flying Saucer downtown was good too…take the train for drink. Valhalla on rice U campus was different too to invade with $1 beers, but not huge selection.

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Ale House. Emos. Griff’s.


Midnight Rodeo in the 80’s in SW Houston

Wild West, city limits, watsons, black lab, the hideaway on dunvale (Tuesday night steak special). There were several places in rice village that I’ve forgotten the names of. Finish it all off with a late night dinner at either house of pies or Mai’s restaurant on milam, they were open really late.

Edit: oh yeah, like NRG said above, the Gingerbread man!

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Ginger Man, no? Or am I thinking of a different place?


Many a weekend at the Turtle Club.

Wild west

Mi Luna

Pastry war

Irish Cowboy

Went 2 weeks ago to midtown and saw a bunch of new trendy places open around that one section of midtown. One of them was called electric (next to dogwood) pretty good considering i hadn’t been there in a while.

Yes, I think you’re correct. I still have Christmas on my mind.
And also see I misread the OPs original question about places that
lost , used to be. Oh, well…

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Repping the old farts. Had a drink with an old running buddy last night and came up with these. Many were downtown. Others that will come to me later. List indicative of why I barely graduated after five years. :sunglasses:

Little Hut
Daddy’s Money
Cellar. (Original downtown)
Pappagallo’s (spelling?)
The Park.
Daddy Boots
Living Eye
La Bastille
Old Quarter
Liberty Hall
Love Street Love Circus

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Liberty Hall was THE place for live music in the early 70s


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Spent a lot of time in my 20s at The Stag’s Head playing darts and drinking beer.

For music venues, Fitzgerald’s (of course) but also saw some great shows in the 90s at The Abyss.

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Power Tools.



Yucatan Liquor Stand on Richmond in the early '90s.

There was a similar club in the 1960/Kuykendahl area…can’t remember the name of that one.


Angora Ball room…saw AC/DC there in the late 70’s…small venue Maybe 500 people
The San Antoin Rose
The Winchester on bissonette

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Fitzgerald’s, Zelda’s/Lucky’s Lounge, Corky’s, Consolidated Arts Warehouse, Ale House, Midtown Live, Chelsea’s 804, Blythe Spirits/Crowbar, Misty’s on Taft, Pic ‘n’ Pak, Cafe Mode/Power Tools, Club Insidious/Magnolia Ballroom/Brewery Tap, Private Property/Edge Unplugged/Silky’s, Fast & Cool Club, Axiom, Club Hey Hey, Bon Ton Room/Mary Jane’s, Anderson Fair, Vatican/Abyss, Emo’s, Fabulous Satellite Lounge, Royal Jelly, Local Charm/Rythm Room, Laveau’s, Urban Art Bar, Blue Iguana, Engine Room, Meridan, Walter’s, Late Night Pie, Eastdown Warehouse


Corky’s! That’s the name that has been bugging me. Solid list. :+1:

Looks like we’ve found the heavy duty partygoers now !

What about Rockerfellers on Washington for live entertainment ?
Ocean Club near the Galleria during the disco ( ugh) era ?


Rockefeller’s, Rudyard’s, & McGonigel’s Mucky Duck are among the few from the 80’s & 90’s still open. A friend’s Rockefeller’s joke: “It’s called Rockefeller’s because you have to be as rich as a Rockefeller to go there.” :laughing: