Which of these lost Houston Restaurants did you eat at?

Bill Williams Chicken House
Alfred’s delicatessen
Bud Bigelow;s
Confederate House
Felix Mexican
The Green Parrot
The Grovey Grill
Herbert’s House
Joe Matranga’s
One’s A Meal
The Original Kelly’s Steakhouse
The Pig Stand
San Jacinto Inn
Ship Ahoy
Sonny Look’s
Trader Vic’s
Triple A Cafe
Ye old College Inn
Youngblood’s Fried Chicken
The Cellar Inn

Bonus question what year did you first eat at Frenchie’s

Let’s see…

Felix Mexican
One’s a Meal (my Dad often used to meet clients there; GREAT breakfasts!)
The Pig Stand
San Jacinto Inn (was a huge favorite of my parents and paternal grandparents; we went there for a couple of holiday meals)
Trader Vic’s
Vargo’s (fancy setting with peacocks walking around)

As for Frenchy’s, I can’t exactly recall the first time, but it was many years ago; my Dad represented the owner as an attorney at one point.

Was Youngblood’s Fried Chicken on South Main ? If so… many times !
Go Coogs !

yes and there was one on Bissonet as well and one in college station.

I ate at Sonny Look’s on Sonny Look.

He had a meeting at the Hilton with the Dean. I was sitting at a table with another student leader (I was some such elected official one year before I was run out on a rail) and he came over to us. Spoke to us for a little while and gave us each a comp card for a meal at his place.

There was a Mexican restaurant called either Mi Casa or Su Casa somewhere Lawndale/Wayside area. They had a fantastic Caldo de Res (beef shank soup) that reminded me of home.

How can you leave off Berry’s Pizza. I’m gonna miss that place.


In the early 1980s regarding Frenchy s.

All except:

Triple A
Ship Ahoy
Grover Grill

Don’t remember those.

The one I forgot to list was Swensen’s Ice Cream. Big in California and still open in College Station. Never made it here even with two locations.

You can add Bernie’s Burger Bus in Bellaire to the list. I wanted to try it (and The Confederate House) out but I guess I procrastinated too long. And, as someone else said, Barry’s Pizza should be on the list.

I only ate at Felix’s and San Jacinto Inn.

Bonus: My first and only trip to Frenchie’s was about 3 or 4 years ago and it was the one on Sam Houston Tollway and Gessner (now closed). I have never been to the one near campus but I attended UH for 4 years and have been a season ticket holder for football and basketball ever since UH moved from the Dome to The Rob. I have been to Pink’s many times though.

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Bill Williams Chicken House, Alfred’s Delicatessen, Felix Mexican, Joe Matranga’s, Kaphans, Maxims, One’s A Meal, San Jacinto Inn, Ship Ahoy, Sonny Look’s, Valaiians, Vargos, and Ye Old College Inn from your list.
Not on your list - Pino’s Italian, Antonio’s Flying Pizza, Angelo’s Fisherman’s Warf, Gaido’s location on South Main Street (Big Shrimp and I think a Blue Crab Statues at entrance), Strawberry Patch, Belaire Broiler Burger, Christies Seafood (now oldest open restaurant in Houston), Rudy Lichner’s, The Stables Steak House, Shakey’s Pizza Parlor and Original Antiones for Po Boys. There are more, but for time sake.
Side note - I worked at Look’s Sirloin Inn on South Main as a busboy in like 1968~1971. When the Homebuilders convention and OTC were in town place was packed 5:00 until 12;00. Would get 10% of waiter’s tips and that would be about $20 a night. Good pay for a 15 year old in 1968 working for $1.25 /hour plus tips.


Hit all of those as well with the exception of Lichner’s.

All of the names are bringing back great memories!

Lichner’s is still open. Give Rudy a try, good food.


OK Del …how about Captain John’s Seafood over in the River Oak’s area. It was in a shrimp boat looking building that ultimately burned down .The owner said they would rebuild but never did.

I also didn’t list Boston Sea Party on Westheimer.

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There was a Polynesian restaurant over by Voss and Westheimer in the '70s. anybody remember the name?

Portobellos on westheimer in front of SwissVillage apartments
The original Cafe Annie.

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Delmarred - I ate at nearly all of them. Is the “Cellar Inn” the same as the “Cellar Door” on I-10 (which is now a Goode Company BBQ)?

I also miss “Across the Street” - a hamburger joint on Hillcroft (just south of Westheimer) where you placed your order by a telephone from your table/booth.

[Interesting tidbit. In 1975, we were one of the first people to hold a wedding reception at Vargo’s and they shut down the entire restaurant (removed all of the tables) for several hours to host us. Years later we got an offer for a free bottle of champagne for our 20th anniversary dinner. And at that time I asked if they still closed down the restaurant for wedding parties and they said no, after Ron Stone (TV news anchor) held his wedding party there soon after ours, that reception parties there became more popular and that they were moved into a smaller room to the left of the entry. Beautiful grounds for wedding photos. I really miss that place.]

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Good catch!! No pun intended. Yes been there and forgot about their buffet. If I recall four stations and leave number one did not get to go back, had to move to next and so forth.

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