Which true frosh played?

Anyone have a list?

Played multiple games
OLB David Anenih
OL Dennis Bardwell
ILB Elijah Gooden
RB Davion Mitchell
OLB/SS Grant Stuard
DE Payton Turner

CB DJ Small played against TTU only. Possible medical redshirt candidate down the road if he got hurt

DB Devodric Bynum
WR Jeremy Singleton
OLB Amaud Willis-Dalton
DB King Ekejija
ILB Derek Parish
DL Noah Jones
WR Trevon Bradley
TE Parker Eichenberger
DL Alexander Duke


Thank you for the list.

Reflecting on these players I have to say that I saw flashes of pretty good potential in all of them. I know it was a small sample for Mitchell but I thought he showed some good speed. He almost reminded me of Sims a couple of times. Overall I think it will be a sign of good things to come.

Gooden only specials I believe…No downs at LB.

What about Bryson Smith, the QB? He redshirted.

Will Stuard end up playing LB? Need somebody to step up there, hope Anenih can be one guy.

I think he’s too small unless bulks up and CMD uses him like Kahlil this year. Have Godfrey and Egbule returning and Anenih. Maybe Egbule moves inside?

Non Frosh redshirts:
Fontana(played 2 years of JUCO) , Wilder,(played 2 games) and Eloph hadnt used their redshirt and will use it for 2017. Anyone else?