White pants

Can we start wearing white pants again please, can’t remember the last time there was more than 1 home game in a season w white pants lol

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Agree. The all-red uniforms don’t look good, IMO, not a classic look. How often do Alabama, OU, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, etc. wear all red? Never?

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Prefer red helmets and jerseys with white pants at home, the ice unis on the road

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At home**

Coco Chanel wore white after Labor Day, why can’t we? :grin:

Because we’re not Alabama, OU, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, etc! We are an urban school in a progressive forward looking city! We should reflect that. The past is the enemy of the present! Stop living in the past.


Interesting thought. Had to go back and look and 2015 is the last time we wore white pants at home more than once (I know we wore it for Tennessee Tech and Cincinnati; not sure if we wore it more than that).

Since going to the shoulder stripes, we’ve worn white pants at home twice: 2016 vs Lamar and 2017 vs Navy.

Wow, sounds like someone has a white pants fetish. :smile: I don’t care what color pants they wear. I just want them to win.


They can wear burnt orange tops, maroon pants, and a horse logo on the helmet if they go 13-0.

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He wants them to wear white pants in the rain more often. We all know why. Not that there is anything wrong with that

I wouldn’t be surprised if they let the players vote on favorite combinations.


anyone remember in the 2011 conference championship when they had white pants on for warmups then came out of the tunnel with red pants? anyone remember how that game ended? and ole sumlin left us

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I have always liked red lingerie.

Am I sharing too much?

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No, the past is the foundation of the present.

Don’t really care if we wore all red uniforms in 1946. I prefer the contrast of red and white, the school’s colors. Has nothing to do with “living in the past,” though I do like the Jethro Tull song. All red uniforms make our players look like Coke cans to me, but to each his own. If you like all red, more power to you.

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Do you know what Colonel Jessup (Few Good Men) thinks of white uniforms?


Our colors are Scarlet and White. We haven’t worn them in ages.

IMO we should wear all white for every home game. Those are awesome…awesome…awesome. (Oh, and every player with a red hand towel tucked in their waist)

The past is past and the future’s now.

The past is prologue. Without understanding the past you will have no idea where you are or where you are going.