Who Do we Hire?

Assuming CMA is fired and Briles leaves, who do we hire as HC?

Well, since CMA is not getting fired it will have to wait. Also, most of the good candidates are gone already. Shoot, the bigger question is who the heck would sign on as a coordinator to this dumpster fire of a coach.


Good idea…let’s start a list of candidates we can be targeting.

My first requirement is that they understand how to instill a culture immediately…possibly poach an assistant from a top P5 program

If it’s a coach that plays OU in the playoff, that’s a bonus because he would have started his scouting for our first opponent…first hand.

Wonder if holgorson still wants to get out of Morgantown lol


We essentially started our scout team against a Top 25 team. The score shouldn’t come as a big surprise. And Tune was simply unable to make the necessary reads against a good, savvy defense. Understandable. He’s a true frosh, and you need to have some experience running the RPO.

Having said that, things are so chaotic now and fans so down on the program that it may be wise to start over. If that happens, the best thing to do may be to go after a head coach since he would bring his staff with him. A coordinator would need to spend time interviewing and building a staff. A coach already with a staff could immediately start convincing December signees to stick and work on the February and 2020 class. First two names I would consider are Neal Brown and Seth Littrell. Brown would bring Koenning as DC; Graham Harrell would be the OC (at least for a year) with Littrell.



2nd most points allowed in school history
Most rushing yards allowed in school history

Is that not surprising? We’ve had worse UH teams playing better opponents with better results


What about Kingbusy with Briles and Gibbs ?

President Khator

Chris Pezman

I think Major has used up all his mulligans and good will.


Fans live on emotion, administrators and coaches not so much. I have said that if he doesn’t win the division next season he should be fired, but I’d like to see what might happen when he doesn’t have to start true freshmen at QB, the DL, etc. But having said that, if the fan base is really angry or disheartened enough that we’d have a big dip in season tix and enthusiasm, and we very well may, then I could see an imminent change, especially if Khator/Tilman/Pezman could make a splash hire. The only one I can think of, however, is Art Briles, someone a lot of fans want but someone who would divide the UH community even further. I don’t quite get why people who are incensed about the offense today and Briles’ likely move to Florida State after signing an extension here actually want to promote him to head coach. Same with Orlando. Texas was #68 in defense this past year, and Orlando doesn’t recruit. How would he be a splash hire? Cloest thing to realistic splash hires would probably be Littrell at North Texas and Brown at Troy.

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Willie Fritz. Not a splash but he wins everywhere…also his daughter would hang around the program…win/win


At this point, it’d have to be someone who is currently a HC and who could bring most of their staff with them. I’d look at Neal Brown or Seth Littrell.

However, Applewhite isnt getting fired. He will be on the hot seat next season.

I’m in with Littrell or Brown. They can bring their whole staffs if they want.

Why would he leave Tulane?

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Let’s bring Applewhite for one more year so we can lose the west division and go 0-4 in bowls sounds perfect.


Yes, I think either would be good choices, but I agree with CoogDefender. I get that people are apoplectic, but I don’t think Applewhite will be fired given the MASH unit the team became in the second half of the season. But he’s going to have to win the division next year to remain head coach. We’ll see. It’s not inconceivable that they could fire him.

DApplewhite is coming next season but it will be his last. So there’s that to look forward to.

No OC/ DC worth a damn is coming to a program with Applewhite at the helm. So we will regress even further and get a better coach/ staff in 2020.

So let’s give up 2019 so we can keep Applewhite nice.

And to be clear, I agree with you that he’s a good coach and could do well here. I’m just not convinced he would leave Tulane. Maybe he would.