Who has a better chance of beating UCF .... Temple or USF

It is probably Temple. Don’t care as long as one of them does it and UH gets to host ccg and UH wins!

Forgot to say, if UH plays UCF in Orlando and the you know what happens. Most of the people on the board will be saying how UH would have won had it been at TDECU … bookit!

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That won’t help the NY6 situation.

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If temple wins east that is worst scenario. It would be better for USF or Cinci to win it over Temple. You CAN’T root for Temple.


Definitely Temple. Temple has looked like a different team since those 2 early losses to Villanova and Buffalo and their defense is good enough to give UCF some competition. On the other hand, USF has not been a particularly good team all year. It just took until week 9 for them to finally be exposed. UCF will crush USF much like we did.

Although Temple has a better shot than USF, I don’t think either one is going to knock off UCF. McKenzie Milton is coming back from an ankle injury. I wonder how close he is to 100%?

USF, for the simple reason that the game is in Tampa. They don’t have much of a home field advantage, but it still makes a difference.




There is only one team with a chance to beat UCF…HOUSTON…
All you people cheering for Temple because you think winning will be easier have no clue…
Beating an undefeated nationally ranked UCF team on the road means something and will be a major accomplishment for us, and put us in NY6…You want to be the best, then play the best and beat them…Thats who we are…Thats who we’ve always been…


We still don’t know who USF is. They took care of business against lesser teams and ran into a buzzsaw named D’eriq King on the road. Our offense was tailor made to hang 50 on their defense. Play man all night, make us go over the top, over pursue on the edges opening up delayed lanes for qb run. We’re pretty good guys, especially offensively. Don’t sell USF short just because they have 1 loss against us. Temple will have a loss against us too in 9 days.

Everyone wants to talk about their starting rb struggling against us but their #2 Ford gashed us up pretty good before getting hurt.

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