Who Is Getting Hurt By The Portal?

Based on conversations with high school and college coaches it is high school kids that are the biggest loser.

Had a call from a coach. His playoff team QB and 3 WRs have zero offers. The QB is a 6’1" dual threat and good enough to make the TD Club head table.

A college coach from out of town told me the are taking 40% less high school kids because the get better players from the portal. Some schools, like A&M, only take a couple of portal kids.

It helps the Seniors Showcase and smaller schools but I think it sucks


Would think Juco kids are really hurt.

There was a time when every college football fan would check the Chron top 100 list, DCCF list and internet sources for who was winning the battle to sign the top rated HS recruits. Does this mean those days are over?

If enough teams do that eventually there won’t be enough good portal players and they’ll have to go back to recruiting high schoolers.


I do love the dr. Pepper portal ad. One of the best I have seen.


It’s survival of the fittest. We picked the perfect time to become relevant again.


Walk on at your local D1 and prove you deserve a scholarship then transfer.

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It’s all about where you’re from and if you’re loyal to it.

The big majority of players who enter the portal are basically throwing away their opportunities to play again and their education.

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There are also a lot of extra years of eligibility thrown around due to the covids. That can’t help.


end of the day it helps FCS teams And major Power 5 - fcs can get a better high school kid now or they can easily get a over recruited kid back where they really belong

Power 5 can fill holes and get a somewhat proven product

I think this can benefits schools like us. Some of the top schools might be out on hs guys quicker. We can get some of the guys to stay home, or we can show them we really want them and they will probably appreciate it even more.

“Rico’s time is now!”


Maybe CDH was a bit ahead of his time with relying on the Portal for a lot of his players and gaps.

Why go through the hard work of sifting through piles of high school players, recruiting them, coaching them up, and hope that they pan out when you can cherry pick the portal and know exactly what you’re getting?

I’m not saying it’s better, but it is a lot less work.

That’s an interesting take on things I’ve not heard before. Unforeseen and unintentional
consequences of the portals. Time and more data will tell how important this may be.

It will work itself out once the portal shrinks. Also, not all players in the portal are greater than all the HS players.

The pandemic also hurt HS recruiting because players stayed an extra year who were supposed to leave to make room for HS players.

Short term circumstances are causing a short term effect.

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The combination of the extra year of eligibility and the freedom to transfer without sitting out will hurt high school players for a couple years. After the extra eligibility guys are gone it wont hurt high schoolers from getting offers, but maybe changes what offers they get.