WHO is still shaking?

I had to apologize to the neighbors for my screaming! UNREAL! AND we found our QB! He has the IT factor!


What a finish! D’Eriq looks like the real deal as I thought he would. Too bad he didn’t play last week.

Sunday morning here in Seoul and I just woke up everyone at the Hilton screaming my head off!!!


I’ll admit I gave up after those BS playcalls with the game on the line. Miraculous catch and finish.

Sometimes it just take a while to get it together.

Just makes you wonder what might have been this season

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We move forward. We finish strong and recruit well, the future can be bright.


Yup. Let’s win out! Forget laying an egg.

Just from following boxscore online and reading this site, I count the following going against UH:

Switching to a QB who was a WR.
Had hardly any offense in 1st half.
Dealt with a 4th and 30 on the last drive.
…AND all this on the road vs #17 team.

I’d imagine those who watched felt like after the Memhis and Pitt comebacks.

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It kind of felt like when Ward came in against UCF but we won this time. Like we may turn a corner

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This game reminded me of that 2014 Memphis game where it was clear Ward was here to stay.

Now this Astros game is gonna kill me.

I am , It’s like watching a different team with a King in there as QBack.


don’t forget car, mulbah did at running back what we have needed all year,
he needs a lot of the credit…and lark has speed and athleticism.

great trio

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Please note: you may have to download the app to listen. Worth the quick listen #GoCoogs!!

Looking forward to next year.

Thanks for the link. Looking forward to hearing Pardee’s reactions especially on the last King TD

Car looks like a real deal RB too! I have get a quick workout in before the Stros game. Still shaking haha

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I posted it in the gameday thread

This is eerily familiar to when Levine moved G Ward back to QB because he knew O’Korn was going to get him fired. I’m no fan of Applewhite’s offense or decision making but hats off to him on this move with King. King appears to indeed have the IT factor.

I’ll admit I turned it off after the back to back sacks. I went to go take a shower and was getting ready go out watch Astros game. Face Palm :confused: I feel like a horrible Coog. Damn. I should know better all the dramatic come backs I’ve seen over the years.