Who’s #1?

Lots of losses this weekend.

Who’s #1 and where do we end up?

Alabama, #1.

I’ve heard #7 for us.


Agree with Bama.

Was hoping we could hold onto top 4. Guess we’ll see.

Purdue then Bama I’m thinking

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Should be Bama but its gonna be Purdue


As long as we are in the top 10 I’m ok after that disaster yesterday. The pressure of being No 1 is gone for good this season and now the focus must be to regroup and win the rest of our AAC games.
I look for Kansas State to jump us

I am guessing Purdue, Bama and then it gets interesting…I could see us #3 or #4.

Fyi Seth Davis has us #6 so I consider that our floor.


With that clunker yesterday I think we should be thankful remaining in the top 10


Given how poorly we played today I’m surprised he still has us 6th lmao

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Not sure if Rothstein has a vote, but he has us at 8 in his top 45.


Rothstein has a vote, but he’s always rated us lower on his ballot than most.

He who shall remain nameless, has us sixth on his ballot. So I figure that’s our basement floor. I’m expecting 4th or 5th. He dropped Kansas to 10th from first.

UH will not be #1 again. That’s ok though. Just be #1 in April!


Agreed on Rothstein… so to have our biggest detractors slot us a #6 & #8 is a decent sign we will still be in the top 5. Lots of turmoil in college basketball this season so if we take care of business we will be fine in regards to a #1 seed.

We’ll be 10 or 12. They’re gonna make us pay for losing at home. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Agreed, I think Bama should be #1 over Purdue.

I think us at #7 is an overreaction, but I’m sure they’ll punish us for this one.

I think Bama is better but I think they give it to Purdue based on pecking order. I have no doubt that Purdue will lose soon, however.

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Purdue in my eyes. Just 1 loss (by 1 point no less), where as Alabama has 2 losses (both by double digits). One common opponent - Purdue beat Gonzaga by 18 and Alabama lost to them by 10 (I think both were home games for Purdue and Alabama?).

But if Alabama keeps winning, I think they might move ahead of Purdue in the overall rankings. For now though, I’d put Purdue #1.

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I think it’s Rock Paper Scissors.
Winner depends on match-up mismatches.
and how fast each team is improving.

Man, you guys are super reactionary, we’re still one of 3 two loss teams in the top 25 and have plenty of good wins. Plenty of teams in the top 25 have just as bad if not worse losses. We’ll be 4th or 5th. Calm down


I think #4 is where we are this week.