Who’s excited to see our improved run game?

Our best back will be a freshman. 4 star RB from Klein or close by.

Would love to see a quick start for PJ’s freshman year. Keeps his feet, never gives up on the play, switches ball to the outside hand and generally secures it well, and of course speed kills :skull_and_crossbones:

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He is our only hope of having a really good Run game from the Running Backs. He is nice.

Teams have to win their games to have Heisman candidates. With a losing record no one will be thinking about CU players for Heisman.
We aren’t goring to hear about the players at CU. The story and headlines will all be about Coach Prime. Its his show, everyone else is just the furniture

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For our experts, how do you see our RBs’ ability to break long runs? Over the last few years, we’ve had some chunk runs but very rare long breakaways.

In 2022, our longest run was 55 yards by Tune. Sneed was right behind at 52.

2021 Henry had a 97 yard run. McCaskill was a beast but his longest run was 36 yards. 2nd longest for a RB.

2020 our longest run was 30 yards.

I know long breakaways are rare, but they shouldn’t be non existent. I would think playing defense would be much easier if you know no RB is going to go for more than 30 yards

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I’ll take that bet.

Coach can no longer play the game physically. He will ride one of the most diverse RB’s in college football. Alton can run routes, run you over or run past you. No need to dem his light because he is no longer a Coog.

Coach Prime light is so bright nobody will see the furniture. Alton’s new coach called him that not me

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No one is dimming his light; but we don’t have to say it is more luminous because he had a good year as a freshman. He sat out last year and what he will do this year is yet to be seen. If he plays great, I will recognize that to those who bring it up (which I’m sure you will), but I will not follow him anymore; I follow Coogs, not other teams’ players. It’s no difference than when King transferred to Miami, he was no longer relevant to me.

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I’m not an expert, but I think Stacy Sneed is a guy who can take it to the house. He’s elusive and was a sprinter in high school. Seems like he had to improvise many of his runs last year, so if he gets some blocking….


I understand your perspective. By being a fan of greatness he will be missed and seen regardless. He will be hard to hide. The FURNITURE will atleast get some shine when the bright lights come on. Deion ego is only so big.

OK guys, when will you all figure out that Ken Journey is actually Alton McCaskill trolling Coogfans? I realized that a month ago.

I don’t think Dana hires a new oline coach if trying to keep things status quo. I am excited to see how the revamped line plays. While we will miss McCaskill, the transfer from WV Mathis and the freshmen will fill the void. A Twitter post said PJ has gained 20 lbs.

To answer the question, I am.

Dominant run games, with no turnovers, wins lots of games.

With a 4th. Quarter lead you can run that ball, thus running the clock.

You also will see our WR corps running wide open past the safeties. This happened all the time when we ran The Veer. Safeties have to keep coming forward to make tackles. Voila! A WR gets wide open.

250 yards rushing and 200 yards passing will be a great Offense.

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I’m a whole lot more concerned with our defense