Who’s excited to see our improved run game?

Alton’s transfer aside, and with so much upside in the WR room, it’s easy to overlook our run. Listen to people preview the Coogs, no one is expecting it. I say it’s our secret weapon:

-We brought in coach Naghavi to reproduce the run success he helped create at Tulane
-We have two healthy running QBs to have to account for
-Our committee of RBs are returning tons of experience with an incoming shot of wildcard talent to add as well
-We upgraded our O-Line and depth
-with all the WR talent, it’s possible we pass to open the run, or they focus so much on protecting the air we slash and gash them with the run

Remember, Dana will be calling plays directly this year with the increased warmth of his seat and the pitiful play calling we saw last year.

Here’s a hype video Brandon Campbell put out. (I sincerely believe he doesn’t have the same fumble problems as last year)



I hope TCU crushes Colorado opening weekend that’s all I ask for



Because a 20 year old made some cash for his family?

He’s still making his money regardless if TCU crushes Colorado


I want TCU to win because when we beat them, it is a better win




Build a bridge RW.


The same as people who have a right to not care others have a right to lack an appreciation for leaving on those terms.

Remember you can have a potentially good running backs coach and still have a molasses game plan. Dana used to be a great running mind. But his obsession with keeping the QB behind the line takes away the great threat that generates holes for your RBs. We’re back to 32-dive and the occasional trap.

Hopeful because that’s what we need, but I’ll wait and see until I’m excited.

Last year our leading rusher was our QB with 546 yards and he is no longer here. It would be hard to not have an improved running game vs last year.

We haven’t had a 1000 yard RB since 2014.

In Dana’s 4 years here, we’ve only had 2 RBs break 600 yards and 2nd place had 616.

Dana wants to run the ball, but other than McCaskill, all of our offensive success under him has been passing.


Alton for Heisman

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Houston Leading Rushing will be Coley or Smith.


What about the kid who has a poster of Randall Cunningham over his bed?


Arguably 2021’s rungame was decent because of the o-line.

Also, didn’t our 2 main back average more per rush in 2022 than McCaskill in 2021?

Kind of felt like we threw the ball way more in 2022.

Is KenJourney Progs? Hmm … We’ll have to see on the running game, but I’m thinking it should at least be improved. Mathis, Campbell, and Sneed are all quality backs, and hopefully the new OL coach will have the guys up front (most all are returning starters) ready.


Depends on how you define “main back.” If you mean the 2 with the most yards, they did average more. If you mean the 2 with the most carries, no. And the 3 combined only had 12 TDs vs Alton’s 16. Henry also had more TD runs in '21 than anyone in '22.

We did run a lot less in '22… after the 1st five games. There was a drastic drop in carries after Tulane except for the bowl game

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If you ever read what Kenny says on the politics board you would know he was an entire different cat…

I am curious about our offensive line.

While Alton had a good year in 2021, he did nothing Heisman worthy.


But make Freshman All American team. Besides he will be up for Heisman this year. He will have a huge platform to do so. Especially playing under Primetime aka Coach Sanders.