Who’s got eclipse glasses?

Anyone know who’s selling eclipse glasses?


I would guess places like hobby shops if they still exists.

Amazon has plenty/ Just picked up 50 for wife’s school

I didn’t even think of Amazon :rofl:


I saw some I think at Walgreens or a convenience store. I’m not sure I was in both recently.

You have to get ISO rated ones and test them by wearing inside where you shouldn’t be able to see anything except bright lights otherwise they could be fake and hurt your eyes per channel 4 news today.

I got extras over on the NW side of town.

My daughter gave me one she got from UH where she works. Full Circle :o: :rofl: Go Coogs

Thanks guys!

Got to see the one in 2017. It’s really a cool experience. Birds act weird, it does feel noticeably cooler but just a little bit, it’s like dusk happening but real fast. Gets pretty close to dark in the middle of the day. The corona looks kind of like an electric ring, and all the time I’m thinking about what an incredible coincidence the math of the dimensions and distances in that sun and moon look the same size.

Makes one feel kind of minuscule in the grand scheme of things. :sunglasses:


We might be SOL on Monday…