Who’s making the trip to KC?

I’ll be there lord willin with a few other with me. When do tickets go on sell?


I just received an email for the list


For those of us thst cant make it…thank you, road warriors!!!


I got the email to. I was so excited that I couldn’t even think :joy:. Go Coogs peace!


I’m gonna try! If we don’t show up, the UK fans will!

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Wish I could make it. I also wish there was a way to send some students to offset a likley very large Kentucky contingent.

I plan on going. Flights are rough, pricey and low availability.

Anyways, I can’t wait!!!

Flights from DFW are brutal too. Need to decide if I should do the 8 hr drive.

Not ideal but see decent options from Houston to Wichita. Grab a rental car and 2.5 hr drive to KC.


I’ll be there (flying out from NYC). Have 2 tickets available if anyone is interested



no flights out of san antonio to kansas city found 1 or 2 but like 700 dollars for a ticket!!!

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Check Austin. Seems to be more flights and a lot cheaper.

I wish. It almost hurts that I can’t go. I obviously need to work harder to sell some ads so I can afford trips like these.

And just as I move from KC this happens! Lived there for 5 years, let my know if anyone needs recommendations. At the very least everyone who’s going should go to Jack Stack

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Anyone know what hotel the team will stay at? If so, how do I get to the best BBQ joint in KC and what is the best BBQ joint in KC?

Side note, not looking like I can stay for Elite (Coogs or no Coogs). Can I transfer tickets to a fellow Coog fan or another fan?

No excuses here. I will be there.

Sometimes you gotta get creative. The Vegas Bowl trip was to Dallas by car, flight to Phoenix, drive to Vegas.

I wish I could be there Friday. I’ll be in NY after my aunt’s services. Please cheer loud on my behalf. #GOCOOGS

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Currently in family contract negotiations…


FYI DFW Coogs. Just bought airfare from DFW to KC. $545 each round trip on AA. Looks like still better than what Coogs closer to the mothership are spending to get to KC.