Who should be the "feature" running back?

Seems as though we have a multi-headed hydra running the ball for us (Williams, Carr, and Car).

What say you?

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I would say Patrick Carr based on how each has looked so far this season


Brother Adams, I believe the offense is built around multiple RBs. It thrives on depth at that position. Dont forget Terrence and Kevrin.

When you want to run as much as the system does, combined with the pace of play means no substitutions on downs, you have to have depth to keep fresh. RBs are taking hits every play whether or not they touch the ball.


I think the multiple running back system is fine as it is. Keeps all the backs fresh and continues to build experience to counter potential future injuries. Should also keep them all highly motivated. They all seem to be doing a pretty good job.


Williams has not stepped up and it’s disappointing IMO. UH will have to put together a fantastic running game to beat a crafty D. Gibbs in Lubbock.

Better to have multiple sharing the load at this pace.

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It is hard to say one, it just depends on. The game plan that week, but like everyone has said, it keeps the run game fresh and wears out the defense as a result. my very scientific research has shown me that M.Carr is the closer to break the defenses back. Thoughts?

In order of effectiveness based strictly on my eye test

Patrick Carr
Mulbah Car
Terrence Williams


Carr is the only one with any kind of lateral quickness, has speed, and hits those holes fast. Car runs straight downhill, but has a knack for finding holes; good north-south bruiser. Williams should be a good north-south runner, but he tries to stutter-step from time to time and he just isn’t that kind of runner. Just needs to get the ball and go.


Patrick Carr deserves the most carries at this point as he has been the most productive with his opportunities.


Daniel Young. He doesn’t seem happy sitting the bench on the 40 acres.

I still think there should be t-shirts hyping the “Two Car® Garage”




Patrick Carr is our guy right now.


If it aint broke don’t fix it!

All 3 have run effectively with limited touches. Each has broken 20+ yard runs already which we rarely saw last season.
Stevenson, Bryson Smith, and D.King may be the leading rushers will those QB/WR run plays.

The offense looks great so long as OL blocks and WR’s catch.


Glad to see Kevrin get some good carries yesterday.

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they had 297 yards rushing with 8 different rushers (5 being running backs)

I will take that.

4, K.Justice broke of a 20 yrd run yesterday too

we dont need a feature back. we are averaging 7.3 yards a carry as a team through 2 games.