Who the Hell says tobacco/tobacco companies are bad?



It’s nice to know they are finally doing something to help the human race.

Who said tobacco companies were bad?

Pretty much everybody worth listening to.

They are not bad, they just might not be for you. Sugar refiners, brewers, soda makers, fast food companies, Little Debbie, they are choices as well but no one hates on them like the tobacco companies.


They (the tobacco companies) did everything possible to make their product more addictive. They added additional dangerous chemicals to their product. They prolonged and promoted the slave trade. They know vaping is just as additive and dangerous.

From beginning to end. They are no good.

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The difference is if everyone in the room is eating Little Debbies, fast food, and drinking sodas you don’t have to eat it. If everyone is smoking, you breathe their smoke second hand. I am really happy with the smoke free restaurants annd work places. I used to have the smoke clouds from fellow workers drift around my head all the time.


Are the tobacco companies the ones making vaping stuff? I didn’t know that.

Big Tobacco companies are heavily invested in vape companies. For Example Altria owns 35% of Juul.