Who thought we'd be better than last year?

I admit, I thought we would be good, but I thought we drop a little bit. Guess I am jaded. Seems like we have built a culture now and if we keep the staff intact, we will build a perennial program.

So proud.


We are back. Period. Since taking over the dumpster fire, CKS has begun building for the long term and with the right players. Getting a little better each year. Now with the Practice Facility, the renovated FC and a second Dance banner going up and finishing ranked, the desire to play here is only going to increase. Look at the depth of the team to be able to rotate so many guys, In fact, I fully expect us to be even better next year!


AAC regular conference trophy/banner, NCAA appearance banner and sixteen banner!!

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I’d like to add a Final Four banner as well!

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Lots of us did lol. Better depth and balance.


I will own it. I loved last years team. Sure, I heard this years team would be better. I was skeptical. But by the time they got conference play I was sold.

I was talking with a buddy today and we wondered. Where does this team rank with the other great teams at UH. If this squad makes the final four they are breathing the same air.

Is this a more complete team?

If you took one starting player off this team how big a drop is there?

Do the same to the other great UH teams and is there a drop off?

What was exciting to hear was the announcers say how Kelvin has builtnit up and is gettin talent in to replace the seniors, it’s not just a one time team full of seniors.


I knew we’d still be good, but I doubted that we’d be quite as good after the loss of Rob Gray. He was a special player, and I didn’t see another scoring threat to replace him.

I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Sampson has really done a good job of recruiting and developing players that embrace his emphases on defense, rebounding, and teamwork. This ensures that year in, year out, we’ll likely be an excellent program.


And the recruiting should be easier/will improve and we can keep local talent home. Exciting times.


Will we be better next year? I think so.


Who’s going to be the go to scorer next season Gray>Davis> ?

I imagine Hinton is just going to get better and better.


I think losing Galen is going to be akin to losing Case Keenum. It happens, it’s college after all. But he’s such a floor general and one-man fast break with the way he gets down the court with the ball. But as has been stated, Coach Sampson is building a CULTURE and if you don’t fit in you won’t play.


His jump shot is suspect. He will need to improve it and his quickness. I like the transfer from Towson, but he’s a front court player who won’t have the ball on his hands enough. Caleb Mills ???

Really? That was your cue to take a shot at the kid?

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Not a shot, just on things he will need to improve on as a player before he can be a go to guy. Constructive criticism.


Ridiculous, Progs. You’ve got to be kidding about quickness. His shot has notably improved since conference play started

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i thought we’d be better than last year (atleast making it to the sweet 16)…rob dominated the last 6-8 games of the season but but we won a ton of games last year with him barely contributing that got us the 6 seed and those guys were returning with our best recruting class to date coming in

the dyanmics of how i had us being better is a little different though. who is scoring, minutes etc…


Aye…umm…I did!

You’ve seen him since the Conf. Tournament finals. He has not shot it effectively.

We do have a real shot at being better next season but our record probably won’t be 33-3 after 36 games