Who Wants an Ed Oliver Bobblehead?

On sale at Ebay

For the low, low price of $145 + $9.85 shipping. Good Lord!

Although, I’m going to be somewhat disappointed if there isn’t an Ed Oliver Bobble Head giveaway at some home game this year. My vote is against USF.


Thats the last bid. The low low price is going up lol

Anyone know if that guy who is selling it is a media member, or did he just get it from a buddy who is a media member? Either way, pretty crappy move in my eyes.


It’s an investment for sure.

I would think that if this gets traced back to the original seller, they would lose voter status. Why should a voter get to make money from an amateur athlete’s image if the athlete can’t?




Report in to Dr Khator…that will learn him…err teach him a lesson!

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It’s not real. No way they could possibly engineer a big Ed bobblehead. It’s an insult to human physics.

price is going up

was 80 2 days ago

i almost bought it but where would i put such a thing

wo cares

Should have waited to sell. It will be worth a lot more after Oliver wins the Heisman.

Thanks for your opinion Will. Ultimately it’s not a huge issue, but just seems crappy to me that someone would take a gift and publicly resell it.



i don’t think he’s trying to profit from a $100 bobblehead. Look at his Kitchen


If he doesn’t want it, he should sent it back. Oliver would lose his last year of eligibility and be exempt from Heisman contention for selling it. UH would be put on probation for selling them. Why should this random Heisman voter get to make money from Oliver’s image?

ok Sherlock. He got it for free. He is selling it on ebay. Isn’t that the very definition of making a profit?


Should the NCAA be informed of this jerk??!

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He shouldn’t be allowed to sell this. He should be required to put it on a shelf in the back of a coat closet. Or at least give it to a friend who will put it on a shelf in a coat closet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a sick ass bobble head. Who would wanna sell that? LOL