Who will step up?

Our team clearly needs a leader. Who needs to step up and take control?

I get that it’s only the second game of the year but we have zero business getting worked all game long by BYU.

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It’s November. Our second game of the season. Everyone needs to relax.


and weve already lost a game.

Was under the impression that losing was not acceptable.

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You under estimate BYU. They’re good. Will dance in March.


You do realize we lost to Drexel two years ago, right? Losses happen. Especially when you’re breaking in 4 new starters. A loss to BYU In November isn’t the end of the world.


So your good with how we looked tonight and the L? No adjustments needed everything is rainbows and unicorns?

I started this thread for a reason. Stay on track.

I just think it’s comical that anyone can come to the conclusion after 2 games, one of those being Alabama State, of what our team does and does not need. That’s all.

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Ok, thanks for contributing.

So anyway. I was fully expecting Gorham to play a bigger role in today’s game.

The obvious answer is that Hinton should step up. He had a bigger role in today’s game, looking forward to him developing more

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I will say i have seen more out of Sasser and Mills to date than Jarreau and Grimes. Grimes has to be more aggressive with the ball to the rack.


Team played sloppy for most of the game looking like they couldn’t figure out who they are. Three pointers were almost non-existent, free-throw shooting not so hot. IMHO Jarreau did not look good. He certainly had no business shooting 3s. Of course he was clear because BYU knew he couldn’t hit them. Surprised he wasn’t stopped by coach. With a new team like this, a loss like that was bound to happen. Sampson will have them learn from it.


Grimes needs to show something real soon. He’s getting tons of minutes and not really doing much.

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Take a hike !


Sampson will have to learn from it ?

I think he knows a little bit about BB !

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Or what ??

You will stop going to the games ?

What a ridiculous thread. There is alot to like in this team.


I don’t know that we are missing a leader. We need better perimeter on ball defense and better shooting for sure, though.

Losing the on ball defense of Galen and Corey and the outside shooting of Corey and Armoni is extremely difficult to replace.


BYU probably played the game of their lives tonight…they killed us with their outside shooting and their ability to drive to the rack. They also dazzled us with several nice reverse layups and back door plays.
BYU is talented and played very well and we did not.
People need to cool it, this is still a team trying to find its identity and it is going to be like this for awhile…get used to it.
The good news is that we battled back from 14 points and took the lead with seconds to go. A learning process for young Hinton as he probably could have iced the game by driving the lane and then continuing to dribble in the final five seconds. Instead a walking call sets them up for that last lucky shot.
You gloomers have no clue. We have 10 talented kids who can flat out play but some of them had bad nights. Young Sasser looked like a deer staring into the headlights…but believe me this kid will get the feel of the game and will be fine.
My biggest disappointment was Jarreau but I really think he is still shaking off the rust from his surgery.
And I still like Grimes, he was steady, did not take any silly shots and played well against a really well coached team.
On the bright side Mills was outstanding in prime time and was one of the few Coogs who managed to shake loose for jumpers in the lane.
We probably should have won tonight despite being out played, but that is the way it goes. I have to believe this is the first and hopefully last wakeup call for this bunch. Regardless, let coach Sampson find his right combination and we will go from there.
Congrats to BYU and their fine fans for a great road victory.
Can’t remember the last time we had this many visiting fans…and they were loud all the way to the end.
I am just glad its November and not March…go Coogs.


Spud, you need to cool your jets; who are you to tell people to stay on track or ask a dumb question like, “So your good with how we looked tonight and the L?” :unamused:

Nobody likes losing, but its mid November, we played our 2nd game against a veteran team, and we have a coach that is going to use this game as a teaching opportunity for a bunch of new kids. Its too early to worry, just like I doubt that Kentucky is going to miss out on the dance because they lost to Evanssomething.


Cougar baseball stepping up to the plate. New “safe place” is Cougar baseball now that the basketball program has caught cuties from football program :grinning:… I jest


This thread=Drunk!