Why aren't we talking Tulsa?

Seems like the board is hardly mentioning the game this weekend. Tulsa is turrible this year, but that makes them dangerous and we are on the road.

I hope we can again establish the run and make them pay.

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I agree. I am planning on recording it while moving my daughter to her new apt, then settling in and enjoying it. We need to dominate a 1-5 team and win big on the road. Going 5-1 may get us some votes!

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I’ll be tuning in Saturday morning from here in Hawaii. I expect a convincing victory.


The way Tulane manhandled TU you’d think they would be really dangerous coming home with something to prove. Let’s hope our guys aren’t listening to the talk about how bad they are and come out hard and fast!

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I prefer not worry about things that should not happen. Nothing positive can come from it if you aren’t in direct control of the outcome.

This should be a blowout. Hopefully it is.

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I actually brought up Tulsa at the start of the week,What's wrong with Tulsa this year - #16 by xsmithcoog116
More responses than I ever got at the other site. I read the Tulsa board, they have predictably given up on the season, though that team always gets up for us. I guess the 100 point game will always be on their minds.

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I think that the Coogs have finally begun to have an identity and that they sense that they are tough stuff. Beware Tulsa of a Cougar with confidence. .

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Hope that is what the SMU game meant. Catalon showed he can be a stud back, we need that for rest of the season.

This game reminds me of the Temple game. It was a road game, Temple had just got destroyed by USF who held the Temple rushing attack to some awfully low total, etc.

Temple started one QB against UH and they played with pride and determination to not be embarrassed two weeks in a row.

Tulsa historically plays their best games against UH because of the history between the two schools. Tulsa players are embarrassed because of the Tulane blow out. Like UH after TTech, Tulsa has a QB that came off the bench are played the O like it was supposed to be played.

I expect a UH win since it is Postma’s 3rd game as a starter and the O is starting to look good. But Tulsa will bring it and UH better be ready. We saw how SMU upset UH last year and they were not much better then as Tulsa is now.


What is want to see are fundamentals improvements at each position. That includes our Coaching staff calling a much better game plan. Remember it takes two to tango. We have got to improve from one week to the next. Johnson has not proven to us that he is the right man to lead this offense. He has got to prove everyone wrong. I sure hope that it starts this weekend.
I want to see an improved pass protection from week to week. It is still way too inconsistent.
Kyle Postma would have had a third week of first Team reps. He has got to take the next step. I want to see a “cleaner” throw and a more decisive run. He does not have to be arrogant but maybe a little more selfish in his reads and let the WR’s have it.
Our WR’s have to start “breaking” free and impose their will. We have been missing it greatly. Guiton has got to get his message across. Give the chance to an inexperienced WR? I am all for it. It is about producing not thinking about producing.
I want to see some TE’s plays developing. Our TE’s only block? I don’t care, let’s be unpredictable.
Our offense is pedestrian at best. We have no excuses but to put the hammer down against Tulsa. Respecting your opponent that also means to do a beat down. We stopped playing against Rice at half time. I do not think that it helped us against ttl. This offense needs reps, reps, reps and more reps.
I hate to see forward but let’s say we are way ahead in the third quarter. That is time to put King at QB to give him some reps, some passing and running reps. That instills a fire for everyone. We are not playing dominoes here. I am seeing a Team that appears way too complacent.
Our defense is now getting take aways. Let’s multiply that. D’Onofrio has been a very pleasant surprise. Let’s get even better. People need to fear us from all side.


I thought this week was our week off.

I’m going to have to record this one as I’m visiting my sister this weekend, and Game 2 of the ALCS between the Astros and Yanks is at the same time, which means we’ll be watching baseball. I’m not even sure they get ESPN News at their house. Not a big problem, as I’m a big Astros fan, but I won’t get to see the game until Sunday night when I get back home. I’ll be following closely on my mobile device, though! Go Coogs!

I’m just going to go up to Tulsa and watch the game then watch the late games on TV at the hotel.


I think we will start slow and stay committed to the run even if it doesn’t get going right away. We could be enjoying only a slight lead at half time but then I think we start breaking out with bigger runs as their front 7 gets tired.

Bold prediction…
35-21 UH over TU
Only winning by two scores, but I think it will be a comfortable two score win.

And Birden and Car too.

O-line 0 sacks and officially only 2 QB Hurries! That is top shelf protection by any standard, especially when you remember that they sacked Ward 7 or 8 times last year. I think the O-line has come together but we will find out at Tulsa. Their D faced 3 triple option offenses in a row, which are hard to defend, so they may not be as bad defensively as we think. Nevertheless, if our offense has finally developed a solid running game, and our receivers fight for the ball (see below) we should put up 50 at least

The offense is opening it up. How many shots downfield did we take? At least 3 or 4 on first down. I like the calls. Corbin’s INT I discuss below and one INC was a misread by either the WR Leday or Postma. I can’t judge which.

What do you see as Postma’s next step? I think he does run decisively. Remember, with the exception of designed runs or run options, he’s probably discouraged from scrambling unless it’s wide open. That’s what they did with Ward, especially last year which is why his rushing numbers were so much lower than 2105.

Now our WRs have a bigger problem than separation. It’s not fighting for the ball (is that what you mean by “imposing their will?) and I’m talking mostly about Corbin. For all of his speed and size, he just doesn’t seem focused. Miss-timed jumps, not jumping for a ball when he should, not coming back for balls (see INT vs SMU - not all Postma’s fault. A 6’2” WR should be able to out-fight a 5’11" DB for a ball or at least prevent an INT. But Corbin didn’t even come back for the ball). Dunbar and Bonner really fight for balls. I hope they are vocal with the others about doing so too. Jefferson should be good at it too. I’d like to see him and/or Leday on some deep crossing routes after Dunbar and Bonner clear out the middle.

I agree on the TEs. What happened to the throw-back pass that we used the last couple of years? McCloskey got several TDs off that misdirection pass. And we used it with Catalon out of the backfield too.

If he gives reps to King over Allen he’s basically saying King is my # 2, Allen # 3. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s just weird having your # 2 QB on the field with your # 1 so often. Also, if CMA decides to start doing it, I don’t think he’ll wait until we have a big lead. If I were planning on lining up King at QB, I would wait until the USF game.

There are 3 reasons why this game is going to be an all out war and Tulsa will be bringing it from the opening kick off.

  1. They hate us!
  2. How the game ended last year.
  3. They really hate us!!!

All the more reasons for the Coogs to make this a statement game. Cougars are back!

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